intern week 9

er.. what was about my previous post?

Arr, I can't remember,
that was years ago adi! haha

ah ah! its about my first week on my industrial training!
now is already week 9!!!

2 months I did not update my blog!
but I did update nike's blog! haha

Working is really tiring!>.<

How tiring?

Maybe a picture of my work desk can tell!

my desk~!!!
this picture taken during peak period of taxation
which is end of June.

now it is middle of august which is another 'peak season' for tax due.
I got to work hard!!! X.X

But somehow it keep you healthy!
cause u were forced to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier!
means, no mamak late at nite, no time for nap, no drama, no gaming,
and the only good thing is.. no exam ! XD

how I wish i no need to go back to study again!!!