kena tagged. piak

Lets play the tag.

Here`s how it works.
1. write ten things about the person who tagged you.
2. write ten things about yourself.
3. find ten person u wanna tag.


1. She is my secondary-schoolmates, classmate, ex-roommate, full time yumcha-mate and shopping-mate!

2. Must have long straight hair all the time. If u cut it she would cry for sure, even in the school canteen :P

3. Her pets Ah Chris. One-biji and etc.. used to be my Ah man's roomates also once upon a time.

4. Don't ever give her tortoise, save their lifes.

5. You will need to give her some time to laugh before she start telling you jokes.

6. She makes really thick milo.

7. Fart when sleep hahahhaah

8. Very outing person. If you want to hang out with her, you would have to booked her in advance.

9. She likes asam laksa in mid valley hoodcourt.

10. Her mother is cool and her sis is cute!

1. Small but fierce.

2. Speak geng english and use deep deep vocabulary that i have to refer to the dictionary in order to understand her blog.

3. Has a bad temper. Like to fight people with words.

4. Get drunk easily so keep beer out of her sight.

5. Like to jog as much as me.

6. Like to shop as much as me? I'm not sure, maybe more than me! haha

7. She likes colour like ivory, cream, white series. I guess.

8. She memorize all the names of pokemon.

9. A sweet supplier.

10. Talkative, especailly when she drunk =D


1. I wear a spec. I owned a pair of contact lens but i prefer to wear my spec cause it is easier.

2. I like the smell of cherry blossom.

3. I owned a silky terrier and a syrian hamster.

4. I'm thinking of changing laptop but my laptop still in a good condition haih.

5. I'm currently overweighted LOL.

6. I likes to play games and i get addicted to games very easily. even just solitaire. I can spend whole night just to play spider solitaire!

7. I have been trying hard to spend lesser but i failed T.T

8. I m starting to adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating more vegetables, lesser meat and more more exercise.

9. I'm very satisfied with what I've got. So no complaints.

10. I like to be surrounded by friends, family, pets or being with eng hoe. In other words, I just can't be alone! =D


1. Xiang hue
2. Crystal
3. Yeong Chiann
4. Eng Hoe
5. Molly
6. Tze Ing
7. Jansen
8. Lay Hun
9. KokJin
10. Eric


On valentine's day

i pato for how many years adi..

wait lemme think..

at least got 3 to 4 years d..

but this year is my 1st time celebrated valentine day


tho i was not so in the mood

something happen to my family

therefore i feel vr sad

but thankfully eng hoe is with me :)

thanks for being such a good boyfriend.


by the way..

i went to genting on 14 feb

the place was covered by romantic atmosphere

many ppl wear leng leng..

girls holding flowers

guys holding girl's hand

but i forget to bring my camera

therefore no picture taken T.T

Chinese New Year Eve 2009

Last year CNY..
i started my first post of this blog..
meaning.. this is my little ice cube, my you-cube, 1 year anniversary!!!!!

talk about this year CNY..

CNY eve is the most happening day during the year.
we had gathering dinner in restaurant, then everyone will come to my house.
and my house will be full of peoples.

see.. many peoples.. lol

there are some more inside av room, some more in the kitchen, some more upstairs.. >.<

1st time nike celebrate CNY with us.
my cousin yan yan super like to play with nike!

maids oso wan gathering :)

the most excited session!! ang pau giving!!
credit senior's ang pau account, debit in mine!!!

ang pausssss!! muaks!

these kids are really too cute laaaa!!
love to see them sing n dance xD

after party.. nike sleep like hell..
hugging pillow... haha

well the rest of CNY is quite sian

i dun gamble n i dun drink
everyday stick with tv and chinese kuih..

what was i expected..?
gain weight lo T.T

i have to go cyberpark n mmu swimming pool as repay!