Happy days ahead!!!


I want...

Let's rap :D

I want new contact lens. I want converse shoes. I want a boyfriend shirt. I want re-dye my hair. I want PSP. I want short khakis pants. I want pink floral dress for friend's wedding. I want leather wallet and beg. I want a pair of new spec. I want SK II. I want sunblock. I want formals.
I want new curtains. I want to eat Rakuzen. I want a pug. I want to try LASIK. I want to go Penang. I want car fragrance. I want Ray-Ban. I want to buy Xmas present for EH. I have too many things I want BUT WHAT I REALLY NEED IS MONEY!!!!!

I m so broke T.T


Some random things to update on recent

Once in a while
I'll bring nike to outdoor
whenever I bring him to the outdoor
He will smile =)

He is really happy during every outing

This photo taken inside BJV 8097
the reason why we are taking photo inside the car
is due to the rainy day
it supposed to be a walk day in cyberpark!
nike was still happy
(he smiled in the picture)
Nike is enjoy as long as he can go play outside

I bought fabric from ikea
and I sent to the tailor
and transformed it into a bed cover for nike's bed
now it is no more feminine and cherry red bed for nike boy :P

I'm not sure whether he likes it or not
because when I first showed him the bed
he smelled it all over
and he mounted upon it
and began sexually harrassed the poor bed = ="
It's my fault, Sorry Ah Bed.


Did I just mentioned how I miss my long hair?
Due to a tragic happened 2 years ago:
A stubborn aunty cut my long curly hair to shoulder length without my permission T.T

During these years..
I've tried hard to keep my hair long again.

and I don;t know why
last month I stepped inside a random saloon
and I said "please cut it short"

After that, I regret.
I promised to myself that I will keep it long again.




I went into a saloon

and cut it even shorter


and I promised this will be the shortest ever!

I miss you!

I miss you......

really miss you....




Need for change, seriously!

I want more holiday!

Shit shit shit!

Today is the last day of holiday! so shit so shit.

Yesterday night when I came back from yumcha session with friends,
and I noticed my another fingernail has broken,
I didnt know how it broke, but now I have a pair of very ugly feet, with 2 out of 10 toes are without toe nails :S

new semester start tomorrow.


Continue from Sekeping.. Bukit Tinggi, Genting & Melaka!

Teng Teng! New layout! So childish! Kiddo haha!

After we left Serendah, we proceed our journey to the hills >Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highland!

It was my first time arrived at Bukit Tinggi.

To my expectation, there have nothing = ="

Ok lo, got some building let you take picture, or you can rent and put it some Yukatas
and start imagine yourself as a japanese living in a japanese village.
Each rental of Yukatas cost you RM20+ and entrence fee to japanese and french village cost RM10.

Cari bodoh punya :P

Discover a "mirror" when crawling on the damn steep road.
Girls are powerless to resist a mirror! XD

The french building

Genting was colder than we expected.
Strong wind at night, road and buildings were covered by mist.
The best thing to do at that moment was hold a hot coffee and sit at outdoor! and chit chat!

Pose happily at starbucks.
who will know later on I fall down (like dog eat shit) infront of the hotel lobby entrence. aiks
malu nya :$

Then we went to Melaka.
Miss those days during foundation in Melaka.

Satay Celup!

It was my first time, and will also be my last time to eat satay celup!
Honestly I dont think it taste good, at all = ="
I wonder why they always have so many customer :S

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip!

But Xiao Yun not 'pei he'!
too bad.

But still, it was a wonderful trip!!! :D

Relaxing trip to Sekeping Serendah

6 girls, including me, went to Sekeping last week. If translate into english, that place is called "one piece" haha. not funny.

It is located in Serendah, and in somewhere in the area of kampung orang asli.
The place is surrounded by leaves, trees, grasses.. There is no satelite signal.. no noises of vehicles... and therefore it is very silent.. only have sounds of insects.. quite until i can hear the ants whispering!!!! And there do not have much road lighting.. you can only see by the moonlight.. and you can find firefly there!!

Dog of the owner of the place will come to join you for bbq dinner.. walk around in your resort...
If you are a dog person, or an environmentalist.. uh-hm, like me, I'm sure you will enjoy the place very much!

Our resort is covered by trees!

leaves under my feet!

The house is made out of timber and all painted white!

And the bathroom..

open air wan!!!
I feel so naked, yet so close to the nature XD

the bedroom is super romantic with the yellow warm light and the net stuff

The preparation for our bbq dinner..

the great thing is that the BBQ area is at the pool side!!

which you can swim liao eat, eat liao swim!


lastly we celebrated ah sue's belated birthday

with a birthday cake...

and some cheap wine...haha

To be continued.. >> Bukit Tinggi + Genting trip!!!

Need Luck!

Very sui ar!

Recently very sui!

I'm very sui that my bag was gone, wallet and hp, n my beloved PSP also gone!
damn you the one who took my bag, curse u curse u!
sorry for friend who tumpang wallet in my bag, i should take care of them de.. T.T

My mom say nevermind now u learn a lesson.
I know la maa, but this lesson is very expensive >.<

However I m glad that I have friends that are always helpful.
My lovely family that always supportive,
My beloved boy friend that is always caring for me,
and my sor zai nike that dont know what happen also he come to comfort me.

aww I love u all.

Btw, internship gonna end soon.
I know I'm gonna miss the work life.

Argh, I dont wanna back to campus! Dont wanna T.T

Its going to be a busy holiday.. Busy traveling and shopping! XD

Good luck to everyone who sitting for exam!!!!!!
All the best to u!

intern week 9

er.. what was about my previous post?

Arr, I can't remember,
that was years ago adi! haha

ah ah! its about my first week on my industrial training!
now is already week 9!!!

2 months I did not update my blog!
but I did update nike's blog! haha

Working is really tiring!>.<

How tiring?

Maybe a picture of my work desk can tell!

my desk~!!!
this picture taken during peak period of taxation
which is end of June.

now it is middle of august which is another 'peak season' for tax due.
I got to work hard!!! X.X

But somehow it keep you healthy!
cause u were forced to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier!
means, no mamak late at nite, no time for nap, no drama, no gaming,
and the only good thing is.. no exam ! XD

how I wish i no need to go back to study again!!!


I want to update my blog!

but I don't know how should I start.

Moments ago there were many thoughts in my mind.

but now its all gone~


forget it la

sot liao!


Tml i will start internship..
while others are going to tioman.. hmng!

however, i hope i can do well during my intern!
looking forward~~~~neh
neh neh neh neh neh!
abu neh neh


i just recovered from fever last nite.
my family suspected me kena H1N1 >.<
my holiday left only 2 days oso wan let me sick.. hey yer.
luckily eng hoe doesnt afraid of me
abo i till now oso havnt recover
i think i got abit xiao liao...
got to go harvest my happy farm liao..
i prefer happy farm then farm town..
happy farm punya graphic better than farm town..
and hor..
i always forgot to harvest in farm town xD



advertisement other than nuffnang


by the way,

good luck for final exams everyone~~~!!!

update loh

Thinking that you havnt update your blog lately?

how long?

2 days?

1 week??

2 weeks??

1 month??


one year..?

my dear friend,
it has been a very long time the love poem seal your blog adi
I'm looking forward for your update!

New blogger

I've started a new blog on behalf of baby nike


free then visit la


FOMs prom 2009 - Reflection A Walk to Remember

This is my very first time been to a prom.

The prom was organized by FOMs and was held in Sunway Hotel.

Happy cause saw many similar faces, all gorgeously dressed up :D

The preparation : Make-up and Hair Dressing and Nail Polishing

Make-up artist mia tools.
Make-up Artist is my leng lui friend - Shi Yun
Thanks alot for the make up!

After that we sama sama went to Sunway Hotel..
The first thing we do is take picture.
The next thing we do still take picture :D

Peoples in the same table.
(sorry there is a little blur T.T)

The organizer have planned many program such as Runaway show by Malaysian Dream girl.
Performance by DoseTwo, Yuna.. and some singers that I've forgotten their names >.<
They really sing well n i enjoyed.

In surprisingly, we realized one of the performer look very much like KimFoong XD
(Slimmer version KimFoong)
I think YeeKean did took a picture of her but I dun have it!

The foods served was chinese cuisine, however, the foods taste good!

First Dishes

Second dishes

Third Dishes
Didnt take picture for 4th dishes onward adi..
bz taking photo everywhere :p

This is Saya

Xiang Hue n I

Me n Keroune who decided to go on same day 2pm.
You Rock!

Leng Leng Qreez n I

Me and Ah Gun the Boy Style

Pretty x100 Chiann n I

WayChow The gentle man who prepared flowers xD

With Tze Ing

Mao Mao / Bulu Jan / Xiao Zen


Dai Lou

Sue, Me, Hui Yee

Hui Yee, Pei Shi, XiangHue, me, Sue

Us, and YuenSun

Sweet Pegan

Wen Ying
She look so pretty >.<


Kokin - Friend since foundation!

Shi chong! Long time no see mia senior!



Jia Qi



Still got many photos taken with many peoples~
too many to upload T.T
for those want to copy photos from my camera, please pass me your pendrive k?

Patterning.. haha

thats all la.. :D