Continue from Sekeping.. Bukit Tinggi, Genting & Melaka!

Teng Teng! New layout! So childish! Kiddo haha!

After we left Serendah, we proceed our journey to the hills >Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highland!

It was my first time arrived at Bukit Tinggi.

To my expectation, there have nothing = ="

Ok lo, got some building let you take picture, or you can rent and put it some Yukatas
and start imagine yourself as a japanese living in a japanese village.
Each rental of Yukatas cost you RM20+ and entrence fee to japanese and french village cost RM10.

Cari bodoh punya :P

Discover a "mirror" when crawling on the damn steep road.
Girls are powerless to resist a mirror! XD

The french building

Genting was colder than we expected.
Strong wind at night, road and buildings were covered by mist.
The best thing to do at that moment was hold a hot coffee and sit at outdoor! and chit chat!

Pose happily at starbucks.
who will know later on I fall down (like dog eat shit) infront of the hotel lobby entrence. aiks
malu nya :$

Then we went to Melaka.
Miss those days during foundation in Melaka.

Satay Celup!

It was my first time, and will also be my last time to eat satay celup!
Honestly I dont think it taste good, at all = ="
I wonder why they always have so many customer :S

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip!

But Xiao Yun not 'pei he'!
too bad.

But still, it was a wonderful trip!!! :D

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