Mouse? Hamster? or Chicken?

Do u hate mice?

there are always mice in my house,
somewhere above the ceiling..

the annoying noise of mice rushing around
almost make me lia gong
sometimes they will bite the electric cable n cause the whole house run out of electricity.

therefore we always set up trap to catch them
(ngek ngek)

but always got nothing..

mayb we should use cheese instead of dry squid,

mouse eat cheese rite?

but but.. something strange happened tht day!

the incident happened in my dad's shop!

This is my dad's shop

everything was as usual..
then suddenly ah maid (yuri) shout "ada ayam!"
"tadi ada ayam masuk sini"(there was a chicky in here)
her finger pointed direct at the bottom of the display rack.

then everyone help to get that ayam lo!
find find find


guess wat have we found?

it is not an ayam!
it is a gold colour punya mouse!
hamster i should say

Maaa, we've caught a hamster in the house! xD

weird but interesting
it looks like a hamster, but how come the colour so weird 1.

we temporary put it inside a rat trap cage
sorry little ratatouille

then we wait n see it's owner got come n search for him onot..
2 days passed
pity this little fella lost his home.

Maa, we raise him la!
we go alamanda buy cage n hamster food..
back home then help him sai bak bak and feed him.

i gave him a name
cause it looks really like ayam! lol

(Ayam ayam, can u cook like ratatouille?)

Ayam: yum yum, i cant tell, but i can eat like rataoullie for sure!

i have got a pet! yeah!

my bro hope it can help to generate electricity by running on the wheel

by the way, how to differentiate whether it is a male or female?

jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 3

Day 8

Saturday = holiday
can sleep till late late
wake up at 3pm oso nvm...

no la..
saturday not supposed to stay at home 1!!
must go out to play de lah!

morning hav nasi lemak as our breakfast at roadside mamak

we went to penang new world park
purposely go there to try fish spa :D
fish spa i come laaa...

da place called happy feet .. lol
make me wanna dance like happy feet!
(piak piak piak piak piak piak pak pak piak)

come on fishy fishy...
lai lai... come n 'jim' my foot
but.. i can't stop luffing bcoz it was too gerli!!
itchy itchy nya~

ma feet surrounded by little nibble fishes
wanna try it too?

eng hoe n me in happy feet!
i wan to go again hahahha

met eng hoe's friend in Queensbay
then sit down sembang sembang

i have friends in penang too..
how come i didnt meet any of them 1? aiks

then go shopping again in Queensbays until broke broke!
i have to control myself adi T.T
(next time shopping dun wan bring money liao)

shop gau gau liao then go eat dinner!

this is the restaurant where we had our dinner
tao japanese buffet restaurant at autocity, penang
(not tau cafeteria in MMU cyberjaya campus!)

i tell u !!!
the foods damn nice!

duno is bcoz i too hungry or wat leh~
really nice~

nice until~~

it only cost u RM45 ++ per person,
and then u can order anything u want from the menu with no limit~!
the menu oso gou gou li de dishes..

wait i show some pictures ...

erm.. i forgot the name la..
but it is kind of abalone slices with some sauce on it

grill eel

chicken cucuk

grill salmon

steam scallops with duno mayo or thousand island sauce

japanese fried tou fu

steam unagi


er.. this call wat?

lamb chop

crabmeat with cheese
this is my favorite!! :D

still got many many..
all yum yum!

environment oso nice~

i was satisfied n pleased!
nx time must go again~ MUST!

before leaving autocity..
we saw a gang of modified Myvi line under "penang bridge"
with light n music on..
haha.. so cool!

Myvi rules! but i drive viva :P

Day 9

Spend my Sunday under the hot sun!

It was a hot Sun day..

enjoy makan kfc at the batu ferringi beach

ppl riding horse at the beach..
some ride speed boat,
some ride banana boat,
some ride parashot

flying high in the sky~

two ppl ride oso can
( i wan to try, but i can't swim, scare!)

majam wallpaper.. lol

Day 10

Arrived at LCCT at 9am


End of holiday~

i wan more holiday!
More MORE~

hehe.. let's count down for next coming holiday on 13 October!

jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 2

continued from previous post.....

Day 5

Dine in a taiwan restaurant called ‘taiwan kuchabe' (台湾古早味)
not bad lah..
foods are quite nice
expensive abit.. set meal abt RM10++
but i like the steamboat :D
taiwan steamboat with spicy soup (麻辣锅)
many vege inside..
then dip the beef slice in da soup
hot hot..
spicy spicy..
banyak nice!

sedap mia steamboat with beef i like!
RM15++.. consider ok lah..

many vege!
i like!
very full bcoz i sapu the whole pot of vege xD

the restaurant have nice aquariums oso!
so u can watch nemo n dory swim lai swim qu while having dinner^^
dory so cute!

Day 6

sing k day..
red box buffet as dinner..
sing until 3am..
after that day sing k.. i realize myself is actually more 'mature' than i was..
coz eng hoe keep choosing those old century mia songs
n surprisingly i know how to sing!

Day 7

penang is an island, surrounded by the sea!
when driving tru this jalan raya can see beautiful sea just beside u!

this make me feel good!
can enjoy the sea view during traffic jam oso!

if u r in somewhere near the sea...
of coz wan go eat seaside eat seafood la!

In a malay seafood restaurant which beside the sea..
enjoy ikan bakar, sotong goreng, nasi goreng kampung, satay!
and very comfortable with the cold breeze hitting on us..

but there was a damn cat keep approaching me
kacau me eat ikan bakar
i shu shu shu...
it dun wan to go away..
i shu shu shu again..
it jump up on my seat !
shu shu shu shu!!
it dun wan choi me !!!!
keep jumping n running around our seat..
damn cat >.<" n we finally move to other tables..
hey yer! kacau betul!

yummy sotong goreng n satay

i never eat ikan bakar as huge as this b4..
we give ppl tipu liao T.T
i order small 1 but they misunderstand and give me the whole ekor ikan..
which cost me RM30 for the ikan only

(JJ... my ikan bakar more costly than urs T.T)

after dinner we spend time in comic store..
haha..macam kiddo!

eng hoe searching for his favorite 'wind cloud'

jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 1

hi, hello, halo,
long time no see,
now every mmuian should be awake liao!
it's school time!
so fast ar?
dun wan lah! arghh
i still in holiday mood T.T
forced to switch back my happy mood to study mood!
the process is like pulling urself from heaven to hell!
hey yer!

aiya ok la ok la
try to be enjoy myself as a student (T.T)
student life is precious ya know

eh.. i wan to talk about my life in heaven during mid trimester break!
break the trimester!
patah dah~~ xD

i went to penang on Friday
by flight.. very fast!
faster than oeh drive buttt buttt car come find me!
Oeh next time take flight oso k?
i can fetch u dun worry! ngek ngek~

Ar.. DAY 1

reach pg adi evening.. not much place we can go..!
so we went to Queensbay jusco to buy some food,
in case starvation happen during a few hours in the room where i stay,
n oeh went to work n left this pity ppl who r too afraid to drive.

its me with the apples!


We travel to ipoh at saturday morning
then met this kid
oeh's nephew
still a baby... only 2 years old!
he is so cuteee~

he likes to eat,
sengaja make ppl laugh xD

n he likes to pose too!

i was trying to eat a kind of seafood..
i duno call wat = ="
i heard they call it 'loh'
look like a snail
but it is damn hard to pull it out from its shell!

i tried very hard
u have to pull n release n pull n release n pull...
repeat until many times only it come out..
but still u have to be very careful dun let it putus..
or else the meat will stuck inside n canot be pull out anymore
and finally..
i failed oso! haha

n then da next day!


early early then camwhore..

oeh grow long hair!!

then we went to gua perak there

i ride a lion! RAWR!
this lion dun look fierce at all!!

dun go ~ dun go~ i hold ju!

he is a jantan! hahahaha

like that.. 1 day pass again~
ipoh do have many nice yummy foodsss!
i like ju cheong fan :D


We back to penang again!
eng hoe back to work n i spend my day at Qb from 12pm to 6pm~
which is not good!
because mega sales make ppl suffer >.<>

who ask my mom born me to be a girl :P

that day dinner at sushi king!
got unagi fair~ faint~
my beloved unagi~

iiiiiiammmmm gonna eat jiu!!

duno this call wat..
but they got unagi at the top!

unagi n goreng goreng bento!
nice! RM19.9
cheaper than other sushi store at Qb which cost RM30 ++
i m so happy

UNAGI unagi Unagi!!!


day 5 next post la..
lazy liao...


still got a few days more..
will update later!


by jiawen,