jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 1

hi, hello, halo,
long time no see,
now every mmuian should be awake liao!
it's school time!
so fast ar?
dun wan lah! arghh
i still in holiday mood T.T
forced to switch back my happy mood to study mood!
the process is like pulling urself from heaven to hell!
hey yer!

aiya ok la ok la
try to be enjoy myself as a student (T.T)
student life is precious ya know

eh.. i wan to talk about my life in heaven during mid trimester break!
break the trimester!
patah dah~~ xD

i went to penang on Friday
by flight.. very fast!
faster than oeh drive buttt buttt car come find me!
Oeh next time take flight oso k?
i can fetch u dun worry! ngek ngek~

Ar.. DAY 1

reach pg adi evening.. not much place we can go..!
so we went to Queensbay jusco to buy some food,
in case starvation happen during a few hours in the room where i stay,
n oeh went to work n left this pity ppl who r too afraid to drive.

its me with the apples!


We travel to ipoh at saturday morning
then met this kid
oeh's nephew
still a baby... only 2 years old!
he is so cuteee~

he likes to eat,
sengaja make ppl laugh xD

n he likes to pose too!

i was trying to eat a kind of seafood..
i duno call wat = ="
i heard they call it 'loh'
look like a snail
but it is damn hard to pull it out from its shell!

i tried very hard
u have to pull n release n pull n release n pull...
repeat until many times only it come out..
but still u have to be very careful dun let it putus..
or else the meat will stuck inside n canot be pull out anymore
and finally..
i failed oso! haha

n then da next day!


early early then camwhore..

oeh grow long hair!!

then we went to gua perak there

i ride a lion! RAWR!
this lion dun look fierce at all!!

dun go ~ dun go~ i hold ju!

he is a jantan! hahahaha

like that.. 1 day pass again~
ipoh do have many nice yummy foodsss!
i like ju cheong fan :D


We back to penang again!
eng hoe back to work n i spend my day at Qb from 12pm to 6pm~
which is not good!
because mega sales make ppl suffer >.<>

who ask my mom born me to be a girl :P

that day dinner at sushi king!
got unagi fair~ faint~
my beloved unagi~

iiiiiiammmmm gonna eat jiu!!

duno this call wat..
but they got unagi at the top!

unagi n goreng goreng bento!
nice! RM19.9
cheaper than other sushi store at Qb which cost RM30 ++
i m so happy

UNAGI unagi Unagi!!!


day 5 next post la..
lazy liao...


still got a few days more..
will update later!


by jiawen,


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