Mouse? Hamster? or Chicken?

Do u hate mice?

there are always mice in my house,
somewhere above the ceiling..

the annoying noise of mice rushing around
almost make me lia gong
sometimes they will bite the electric cable n cause the whole house run out of electricity.

therefore we always set up trap to catch them
(ngek ngek)

but always got nothing..

mayb we should use cheese instead of dry squid,

mouse eat cheese rite?

but but.. something strange happened tht day!

the incident happened in my dad's shop!

This is my dad's shop

everything was as usual..
then suddenly ah maid (yuri) shout "ada ayam!"
"tadi ada ayam masuk sini"(there was a chicky in here)
her finger pointed direct at the bottom of the display rack.

then everyone help to get that ayam lo!
find find find


guess wat have we found?

it is not an ayam!
it is a gold colour punya mouse!
hamster i should say

Maaa, we've caught a hamster in the house! xD

weird but interesting
it looks like a hamster, but how come the colour so weird 1.

we temporary put it inside a rat trap cage
sorry little ratatouille

then we wait n see it's owner got come n search for him onot..
2 days passed
pity this little fella lost his home.

Maa, we raise him la!
we go alamanda buy cage n hamster food..
back home then help him sai bak bak and feed him.

i gave him a name
cause it looks really like ayam! lol

(Ayam ayam, can u cook like ratatouille?)

Ayam: yum yum, i cant tell, but i can eat like rataoullie for sure!

i have got a pet! yeah!

my bro hope it can help to generate electricity by running on the wheel

by the way, how to differentiate whether it is a male or female?

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