jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 2

continued from previous post.....

Day 5

Dine in a taiwan restaurant called ‘taiwan kuchabe' (台湾古早味)
not bad lah..
foods are quite nice
expensive abit.. set meal abt RM10++
but i like the steamboat :D
taiwan steamboat with spicy soup (麻辣锅)
many vege inside..
then dip the beef slice in da soup
hot hot..
spicy spicy..
banyak nice!

sedap mia steamboat with beef i like!
RM15++.. consider ok lah..

many vege!
i like!
very full bcoz i sapu the whole pot of vege xD

the restaurant have nice aquariums oso!
so u can watch nemo n dory swim lai swim qu while having dinner^^
dory so cute!

Day 6

sing k day..
red box buffet as dinner..
sing until 3am..
after that day sing k.. i realize myself is actually more 'mature' than i was..
coz eng hoe keep choosing those old century mia songs
n surprisingly i know how to sing!

Day 7

penang is an island, surrounded by the sea!
when driving tru this jalan raya can see beautiful sea just beside u!

this make me feel good!
can enjoy the sea view during traffic jam oso!

if u r in somewhere near the sea...
of coz wan go eat seaside eat seafood la!

In a malay seafood restaurant which beside the sea..
enjoy ikan bakar, sotong goreng, nasi goreng kampung, satay!
and very comfortable with the cold breeze hitting on us..

but there was a damn cat keep approaching me
kacau me eat ikan bakar
i shu shu shu...
it dun wan to go away..
i shu shu shu again..
it jump up on my seat !
shu shu shu shu!!
it dun wan choi me !!!!
keep jumping n running around our seat..
damn cat >.<" n we finally move to other tables..
hey yer! kacau betul!

yummy sotong goreng n satay

i never eat ikan bakar as huge as this b4..
we give ppl tipu liao T.T
i order small 1 but they misunderstand and give me the whole ekor ikan..
which cost me RM30 for the ikan only

(JJ... my ikan bakar more costly than urs T.T)

after dinner we spend time in comic store..
haha..macam kiddo!

eng hoe searching for his favorite 'wind cloud'

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