busy mode

i'm doing my last assignment for this semester.

there is a lots of thing to be done..

coz i do it last minutes. haha


by the way

christmas is coming soon,

eng hoe is coming soon :P

but finals also coming sooooooooooooon

what the fish, give me a break! >.<

i'm so looking forward for eng hoe's arrival

it will make a good celebration for Christmas,

and i will be in the perfect mood after all the assignments

and before i pull myself into the super stress final exams shit


what should i feed him?

i'm lost!

i was so angry with my family..
because they feed nike our food

its true that our food taste much nicer than nike's dog food.
but vet told me not to give them our food!

until i read this articles from the internet..

i'm confuse already

what is actually good for nike's health?

Interesting articles and handy tips for pet owners

“People Food” Versus Pet Food:
The Ultimate Guide to Safe Table Scraps for Pets

by Julie Corsi

Even though Americans spend over $10 billion a year on pet food, people just can’t help indulging their animals with human food as a “special treat.” Those puppy eyes, the floppy ears- there’s really no way to resist giving them just a little taste under the table. But what is safe for a human’s stomach may not be safe for an animal’s.

Sharing human food with pets is not good practice for an animal’s diet and can, in some cases, be fatal.

Rich foods that are high in fat, such as meats with heavy gravy or sauces, can cause discomfort and stomach pain in pets. During the holidays, veterinarians commonly see an increased number of cases of stomach problems and pancreatitis. The story veterinarians often hear during the holiday season is of a pet sniffing out a juicy turkey or some savory stuffing, overeating and then becoming sick. Classic signs of an irritated or inflamed pancreas include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

Onions and garlic, while safe for humans, contain the toxic ingredient thiosulphate, which can damage red blood cells and cause anemia in cats and dogs. Onions present the highest risk of toxicity to pets, as just a single serving can result in anemia. Garlic, however, is less toxic than onions and it requires a large amount of garlic to cause a dog or cat to become ill. Some studies even show that small amounts of garlic can actually be beneficial to the health of dogs (such as in canine nutritional supplements).

Grapes and raisins are another human food to avoid giving pets. To date, veterinarians have not discovered the exact reasoning why they are so dangerous to animals. Little has been linked to the type, brand or amount consumed, but it has been shown that grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in pets.

As most pet owners know, chocolate is the biggest no-no for animals. Chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that acts as a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic. Cocoa powder and cooking chocolate are the most toxic forms as they contain ten times the amount of theobromine than milk chocolate. A 22 pound dog can be seriously affected by ingesting just a quarter of a packet of cocoa powder or half a block of cooking chocolate. Giving your pup a piece of chocolate cake or even letting him lick the chocolate icing on the cake could cause him to become ill. Additionally, when a dog or cat is affected by an overdose of chocolate they can become hyperactive. The diuretic affect of chocolate may cause the dog or cat to pass excessive volumes of urine and the animal may be unusually thirsty. Even more dangerous, theobromine can cause a dog or cat’s heart to beat very rapidly or irregularly, which could result in death if the pet is exercising or overly active.


Many people choose to feed their dogs raw food or the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food) Diet. This diet consists of raw meaty bones, vegetables, offal (the organ part of the protein source), recreational bones, and proteins like cottage cheese and eggs with the shells. Proponents of this diet claim that it keeps their dogs healthier than commercially prepared diets.

The following are some pros and cons of both diets:

Testing: People who advocate raw diets claim that the diet is tried and true and has been tested positively for centuries on wild dogs. They say that since commercial diets have been around since only the 1950's, there is no long term testing that has been done on this food. Proponents of raw food claim that the increase in allergies, dysplasia, and other health condition is as a result of dogs being fed commercial dog food.

People who believe in commercial dog food point to the millions of dollars each year companies such as Purina, Iams, Hill's, and Nutro spend on scientific and field testing of their products. They believe that commercial dog food contains all of the nutrients that a dog needs to grow and be healthy and that since the BARF diet is complicated, expensive, and difficult to prepare, many people do not properly understand it and are not appropriately feeding their dogs.

Grains: Advocates of raw feeding say that dogs cannot properly digest grains and therefore do not feed them. They feel that the commercial market uses grains because they are inexpensive fillers.

Proponents of commercial dog food say that as dogs are omnivores, it is only natural that they require the nutritional benefits of grains. They feel that people who feed raw food are depriving their dogs of this nutrient.

Raw Ingredients vs. Cooked Ingredients: People who feed their dogs raw food diets feel that nature intended for animals to eat their food raw and that cooking damages the chemical makeup of foods and that cooking the food actually damages an animal's immune system.

Those that feel that commercial food is the way to go, claim that there is no difference between cooking the animal's food and cooking human food. That all of the nutrients are still active in cooked food providing healthy meals for animals.

Additives: People who believe in feeding their dogs raw food feel that no additives are needed and that their animals are getting all of the nutrients they require. They feel that the commercial food companies use additives to enhance the palatability of their food effectively "addicting" a dog to it.

Commercial food advocates say that additives such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are essential to giving the dog the proper balance of nutrients he requires, while raw food is missing some essential vitamins and minerals.

Variety: Those who feed raw food feel that dogs need variety in their diet and that commercial food is very boring for them.

Commercial food advocates say that dogs have very sensitive digestive systems and that variety actually can cause things such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Whether you choose to feed your dog the BARF diet or commercial food, it is important to be educated on what a dog's nutritional requirements are. You should also consult your veterinarian for his recommendation on diet.


commercial dog food better ?

or raw food better?


i was so confusing after i read through this 2 articles

vet told me never give nike eat our food..

but in fact i saw some dogs (those being feed naturally, sisa makanan etc) grow healthier throughout many years


mayb i shouldn't blame my dad of giving them eat our food?

i was so fed up sometimes

but but..


if anyone have the time to read tru this post

mayb u can give your opinions?

i would like some comment for this post. thanks

No title


why oh?

i'm so lazy to update!




here come my update


i went to eng hoe's brother wedding last week
but i don't have much photos to show!
i don't know when only i can get those photo..
i didn't have much photo in my own cam oso..
i have no much time to shot any photo
cause i was holding a babysitter job during those days in ipoh!
i feel great..
because i like kids!
and kids like me too!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. kids like me!
they are so cuteeeeee

yin yin @ yan yan & me

i hug him, he hug me ^^

eng hoe's nephew,
a 3 years old little boy that never stop talking!

cute kidsss!

k la.. update next time when i get the photos..

so sad cause i dont have bride and groom's photo!


wish ES & CK..

'white hair till old'



He smiled!

Nike was smiling while sleeping

dream of bones perhaps..

roles swtiched

today hor..

i was surfing net in the living room

my mom was lying on the sofa playing games with her handphone

then i realize that the house is quite messy and

i decided to stand up to clean the house

i tidy up all the things inside every drawer..

and things inside the store room..

and clean my Ayam's little new house..

and sweep floor..

then i heard my mom shout

= ="

kiddo mom

so cute! haha


bowlingual is a dog bark translator that can translate bark sound to human language!

so cool!!

with a collar detector, this machine can help to analyze the dog bark and categorize to six- standardized emotional categories : happy, sad, frustrated, on-guard, assertive, needy

Bowlingual then displays one of nearly 200 cute or humorous phrases which have been categorized to fit within the range of each emotion and, according to the package, "represent what your dog might say, if only it could speak."

so cool haha
i wan to get 1!

Adventure of the sea

pada suatu hari...

saya orang satu pergi ke laut sana main main

lepas tu

on the sampan, i nampak monster besar appear di laut.

i fast fast ambil kamera dengan segaranya

supaya dapat ambil gambah dengan creature besar itu.


laut yang sangat wavy, angin tiup kuat kuat..

ombak besar approach.. saya hambir mau jatuh daripada sampan aku.
nasib baik kaki tapak aku besar,
cukup untuk berdiri kukuh atas sampan

itu dia, ini seal kah?!
ker dolphin?

sei4.. dia dah nampak aku >.<"

dun come!!





i scared him away!!! xD



satu lagi creature muncul!!


warna kuning miaa

wuu... nice eyelashes :)

look familiar?

dia majam mau lompat dari laut!

rupa-rupanya itu spongebob!!


it's childish i know..

i m too boring



okay short post..

yesterday i hang out with my 2 beautiful friends

and i become a witch


a witch tht enjoyed her bottomless ice lemon tea at nando's

i;m back from penang

yes i just back from penang!

hmm.. actually did ntg much there except shopping eating n sleeping.. lol

mom say i bcom fatter liao.. shit

i need to DIET!>.<

now only i realize eng hoe de car got gps system!

provide map wan... lol

i went to TAO again~

i'm addicted to tao
i wan to go again lol
i love the foods there laaa~~
yum yum
crab meet with cheese.. yum yum!

yea.. the way yc (yee chun not yeong chiann) order food very yeng.. lol

waiter : 'may i take ur order sir?'
yc : " alrite... A01 to A07(he drag his finger from A01 to A07 in the menu).. ALL COME 3 Sets!"
waiter :" oo... (@.@") "
waiter :" is this ur 1st time been here sir? "
yc : " no not 1st time"
waiter : " ic.. u know our rules here rite? we charge extra RM10 for wasted food "
yc " i know.. nevermind come 3 sets"

n all foods served on the table kena sapu in 3 minutes..

they r just too nice >< satisfactory.... 97.6433 %

another way to show level of satisfaction.. lol

cool ar

me n eng hoe at tao~

yc n his gf carin

n another pair of couple i forgot to take picture...

6 of us duno kill how many thousand piece of food..


i must go again!

PK gao gao

i'm sorry mama
i spend money like let water flow...
within the 4 hours after i reach penang
i adi spend about so much!!
how can i spend that much...
aww aww
sorry ah ma
"i havnt get any piece of cloth oso!"
btw i like shopping~~ lol

Have u smiled today?

有您的参与, 垃圾不会无家可归!
translate become
"if you would like to join us, rubbish will never be homeless!"

take from email

exam lor

pek cek ar! pek cek ar!

study until so pek cek!
too much to study and too little of time!
who ask me to study last minute!
buddha oso dun wan to lemme hug his leg liao!
help me T.T

nobody can help me...

yor! i so wish exam over fast fast!
i wan to go shopping liao
i wan to go singk with frens liao
i wan to go penang find eng hoe liao
i wan to teman Nike n Ayam gao gao liao
i wan to catch up 'xiu nin sei dai ming bou' liao
i wan to go saloon kemas my hair liao
i wan to clean my room liao
i wan to stay up until very late chatting oso dun wan to sleep liao
i wan to blog everyday until ntg to write liao..
i feel sian liao...
dun wan type liao...
wan study liao...

so looking forward upcoming sweet lovely holiday~~
come come faster come!


hey, ya hor i wan to type somemore thing still..
who got hamster wan to giv me? ( but im not sure Ayam is which species :P, syarian i guess)
or who wan to buy my second hand hamster cage ?(got picture in previous previous older post , purple colour 1)
coz i m gonna find a teman for Ayam (pity Ayam play alone)
so i m gonna change a big house for Ayam (wei i still duno it is a male or female!)

so who wan to raise hamster or u need a hamster cage then tell me!
i sell second hand 1 at Rm10 only
jansen ur mongolian gerbil need a cage onot?
crystal u still considering to raise hamster onot meh? they r so cute!
xiang hue u start to like small animal aren't u?
way chow ur hedgehog peanut n donut wan to stay in cage onot? ( more ventilate de wo :P)

ar .. still got a exercise ball for hamster for sale!
too small for Ayam d >.<

hmm.. if interested then msg me la!

wish everyone good luck in final examss!!

bo bi bo bi


i saw this in a forum,
i think it is a very important reminder for an owner of a dog, must record!












My New Pet - Silky puppy

this is the 1st post about my puppy!

i finally have a puppy!
wanted for so long adi! XD

last time stay in shop house not suitable to raise a dog
mom oso neva lemme raise dog at home.

then then..
one day suddenly my dad ask me wan to raise dog onot..

i told my dad like tht.. lol

then then..
i was thinking what breed to buy, do research about how to raise a dog..
i prefer a big dog like golden or labrator, or small white dog like westie..

then then..
one day went pet shop with mom, then saw this black little silky terrier puppy
how come so cute 1...
then we bought it!

my puppy Nike!

when i told ppl he named Nike,
their respond were all same
"y dun name it Adidas?"

i oso duno y.. he will look at us when call him Nike..
call him other names he dun wan choi u oso.. :D

i have captured some photos of Nike..
bcoz i know i m going to blog about it.. must provide photos!

sleep like a baby..

so lady-like!

wink wink

too tired..
sleep like a carpet after playing.. lol

yeah yeah!
i have another pet adi!
hope Ayam n Nike 'he ping xiang cu"! :D


hahaha xD

i miss my long hair!

i used to have my long long straight hair last time.
back in 2 years time...

1st enter foundation in mmu melaka with my dyed long hair!
brown hair with black root.. that is what ppl call lala izit

then i go curl it...
expensive hair which cost abt RM400+
everyone told me it was expensive but i like it vr vr much!

although hair fall problem occurred, but it still look thick!
at least thicker than how i look now with my short thin hair T.T

i went redang last year with my curly long hair which i miss very much T.T

cause' sometimes u can use your long hair to act ghost go scare people hahahhah nonsense = ="
but still i enjoy to have my long curly hair..

in conclusion, i miss my long hair!

trying hard to keep my hair now..
no matter how hot is the weather,
no matter how mafan to handle not long not short mia hair length,
no matter how irritating is the hair infront cover ma sight,
no matter how much additional shampoo n conditioner to spend,
no matter how long i have to wait for my hair to dry up b4 i go to bed,
no matter how mess it would be,
no matter how i oso wan keep long hair again!

hehe, wish me success!

so way chow dun always tell me hair long liao ask me wan go cut hair onot k

i wan to keep my hair lah


see ya

Second hand item for sell

Today got mood to clean my room,
then i found many things that has been ignored by me for quite some times..
some i just used once or twice, coz it doesn't suit me
some even never use b4 = ="
pastic oso havnt tear out..

so i plan to sell them out at second hand price!
(pity me nearly pk adi T.T)

who interested to own the things below can message me personally!

SKIN FOOD Sea Vegetable Toner
(for oily & combination skin) 160ml

Sea weed extract control your skin balance, give moisture and control oil.
Leaves a velvety-soft natural finish. The results are immediate and lasting all day.

Original Price : RM 38.50

Jiawen's price : RM 28 (negotiable) - SOLD

ST.IVES Hydroxy Masque Peel off Mask
(For all skin types) 134g

Gentle Alpha Hydroxy removes impurities and gently exfoliates for smooth, visibly health skin

Original Price : RM 16.90

Jiawen's Price : RM10

Neucare T3 Blackhead Remover


Natural florabeads effectively remove blackheads and minimise the appearance of open pores,
Colloidal minerals help remove dead skin cells.

Original Price : RM 12.90

Jiawen's Price : RM 5 - SOLD

Opticare Multimate Multipurpose Solution
(for soft lenses) 240ml

with Pro Shield 3, Protein Remover

gentle to eyes multipurpose solution is a sterile, isotonic solution for
cleaning, rinsing, soaking, lubricating and removes protein deposits in all soft lenses.

Original Price : RM 9.70

Jiawen's price : RM 6 - SOLD

Mouse? Hamster? or Chicken?

Do u hate mice?

there are always mice in my house,
somewhere above the ceiling..

the annoying noise of mice rushing around
almost make me lia gong
sometimes they will bite the electric cable n cause the whole house run out of electricity.

therefore we always set up trap to catch them
(ngek ngek)

but always got nothing..

mayb we should use cheese instead of dry squid,

mouse eat cheese rite?

but but.. something strange happened tht day!

the incident happened in my dad's shop!

This is my dad's shop

everything was as usual..
then suddenly ah maid (yuri) shout "ada ayam!"
"tadi ada ayam masuk sini"(there was a chicky in here)
her finger pointed direct at the bottom of the display rack.

then everyone help to get that ayam lo!
find find find


guess wat have we found?

it is not an ayam!
it is a gold colour punya mouse!
hamster i should say

Maaa, we've caught a hamster in the house! xD

weird but interesting
it looks like a hamster, but how come the colour so weird 1.

we temporary put it inside a rat trap cage
sorry little ratatouille

then we wait n see it's owner got come n search for him onot..
2 days passed
pity this little fella lost his home.

Maa, we raise him la!
we go alamanda buy cage n hamster food..
back home then help him sai bak bak and feed him.

i gave him a name
cause it looks really like ayam! lol

(Ayam ayam, can u cook like ratatouille?)

Ayam: yum yum, i cant tell, but i can eat like rataoullie for sure!

i have got a pet! yeah!

my bro hope it can help to generate electricity by running on the wheel

by the way, how to differentiate whether it is a male or female?

jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 3

Day 8

Saturday = holiday
can sleep till late late
wake up at 3pm oso nvm...

no la..
saturday not supposed to stay at home 1!!
must go out to play de lah!

morning hav nasi lemak as our breakfast at roadside mamak

we went to penang new world park
purposely go there to try fish spa :D
fish spa i come laaa...

da place called happy feet .. lol
make me wanna dance like happy feet!
(piak piak piak piak piak piak pak pak piak)

come on fishy fishy...
lai lai... come n 'jim' my foot
but.. i can't stop luffing bcoz it was too gerli!!
itchy itchy nya~

ma feet surrounded by little nibble fishes
wanna try it too?

eng hoe n me in happy feet!
i wan to go again hahahha

met eng hoe's friend in Queensbay
then sit down sembang sembang

i have friends in penang too..
how come i didnt meet any of them 1? aiks

then go shopping again in Queensbays until broke broke!
i have to control myself adi T.T
(next time shopping dun wan bring money liao)

shop gau gau liao then go eat dinner!

this is the restaurant where we had our dinner
tao japanese buffet restaurant at autocity, penang
(not tau cafeteria in MMU cyberjaya campus!)

i tell u !!!
the foods damn nice!

duno is bcoz i too hungry or wat leh~
really nice~

nice until~~

it only cost u RM45 ++ per person,
and then u can order anything u want from the menu with no limit~!
the menu oso gou gou li de dishes..

wait i show some pictures ...

erm.. i forgot the name la..
but it is kind of abalone slices with some sauce on it

grill eel

chicken cucuk

grill salmon

steam scallops with duno mayo or thousand island sauce

japanese fried tou fu

steam unagi


er.. this call wat?

lamb chop

crabmeat with cheese
this is my favorite!! :D

still got many many..
all yum yum!

environment oso nice~

i was satisfied n pleased!
nx time must go again~ MUST!

before leaving autocity..
we saw a gang of modified Myvi line under "penang bridge"
with light n music on..
haha.. so cool!

Myvi rules! but i drive viva :P

Day 9

Spend my Sunday under the hot sun!

It was a hot Sun day..

enjoy makan kfc at the batu ferringi beach

ppl riding horse at the beach..
some ride speed boat,
some ride banana boat,
some ride parashot

flying high in the sky~

two ppl ride oso can
( i wan to try, but i can't swim, scare!)

majam wallpaper.. lol

Day 10

Arrived at LCCT at 9am


End of holiday~

i wan more holiday!
More MORE~

hehe.. let's count down for next coming holiday on 13 October!