My New Pet - Silky puppy

this is the 1st post about my puppy!

i finally have a puppy!
wanted for so long adi! XD

last time stay in shop house not suitable to raise a dog
mom oso neva lemme raise dog at home.

then then..
one day suddenly my dad ask me wan to raise dog onot..

i told my dad like tht.. lol

then then..
i was thinking what breed to buy, do research about how to raise a dog..
i prefer a big dog like golden or labrator, or small white dog like westie..

then then..
one day went pet shop with mom, then saw this black little silky terrier puppy
how come so cute 1...
then we bought it!

my puppy Nike!

when i told ppl he named Nike,
their respond were all same
"y dun name it Adidas?"

i oso duno y.. he will look at us when call him Nike..
call him other names he dun wan choi u oso.. :D

i have captured some photos of Nike..
bcoz i know i m going to blog about it.. must provide photos!

sleep like a baby..

so lady-like!

wink wink

too tired..
sleep like a carpet after playing.. lol

yeah yeah!
i have another pet adi!
hope Ayam n Nike 'he ping xiang cu"! :D

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Congratulations for your new pet, it's so sweet.