i miss my long hair!

i used to have my long long straight hair last time.
back in 2 years time...

1st enter foundation in mmu melaka with my dyed long hair!
brown hair with black root.. that is what ppl call lala izit

then i go curl it...
expensive hair which cost abt RM400+
everyone told me it was expensive but i like it vr vr much!

although hair fall problem occurred, but it still look thick!
at least thicker than how i look now with my short thin hair T.T

i went redang last year with my curly long hair which i miss very much T.T

cause' sometimes u can use your long hair to act ghost go scare people hahahhah nonsense = ="
but still i enjoy to have my long curly hair..

in conclusion, i miss my long hair!

trying hard to keep my hair now..
no matter how hot is the weather,
no matter how mafan to handle not long not short mia hair length,
no matter how irritating is the hair infront cover ma sight,
no matter how much additional shampoo n conditioner to spend,
no matter how long i have to wait for my hair to dry up b4 i go to bed,
no matter how mess it would be,
no matter how i oso wan keep long hair again!

hehe, wish me success!

so way chow dun always tell me hair long liao ask me wan go cut hair onot k

i wan to keep my hair lah


see ya

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