mama so siok!

My mom just come back from Japan today... i was very jealous leh.. i wish to go Japan for a looooooooong time already! too bad i can't go with her because i got examssss last week! sob sob..

My mom was having her japanese steamboat with friends..
look nice wo.. ('Q')

sakura neh~
manyak cantik~~

my mom said,
she don't understand japanese at all..
from every sentences they say..
she only heard "kanasai"

doggies on the streets~
cute.. aren't they?

this one very cute!
very fluffy~

they are wearing clothes >.<
don't be so cute laa..!
i want to raise one!


immediately after my mom arrived at home, i rushed to her and start begging for souvenirs :P

"maa.. how was it?"
"maa.. did you took any photo?"
"maa.. did you bought something for me?"
"maa.. i want tidbits!"

"DIAM LA..."


"... all in the luggage.. i bought many things.. kaki take"


my mom is da best!

then i found out these...

yesh yesh!
TIDBITS from japan~
nyum nyum~

par fum
my souvenir^^

yeah yeah
have to save money from now on..
cause i want to go Japan!!!
i want i want


"Unazukin is a small fairy .Usually she is under the big Mushroom in a woods. She really likes to listen to the story of her friends. So, sometimes everybody comes together and she is very busy.Because she is very good at listening to the story. She is just listening without saying anything, She is just looking at you, and nodding silently or shaking her head sometimes.

So,why don’t you talk to her?"

i bought this tiny fella yesterday!
i found it in a stall in sunway pyramind.

cute isn't it? haha
when you talk to her..
..she will nod and shake her head as respond to u de leh!

unazukin has a series of different versions.
this is strawberry fruit version.

There are many series of unazukin..

Fruits Version

Anniversary Version

Flower Version

World Version

Birthstone Version

damn damn.. they are so cute! >.<


Finally.. the damn suffering week has passed!

a week with..

3 mid terms examsss.. (damn i was f***ed by the papers! ..sob sob..)

2 assignment due dates.. (more n more are coming to me! weeeee.. (-_-)\)

rushing n rushing like hell!
before this i don't study, everyday skipped class.. or just sitting at the back n keep talking craps with friends! haha.. after few months/weeks then i need to do last minutes study for exams! (yeah.. we only study for exams!) everyday slept for 3-4 hours only just to study! Stress stress.. ( dai seh de :p)

whatever la.. now at xiang hue punya house on9-ing.. n soon we will go to MID VAllEY! XD
long time no shopping liao... since CNY. hahaha! exciting exciting xD

************************8 hours later****************************************

Even more exhausted!

after coming back from sunway pyramid (yea, it is sunway pyramid. Xiang hue bring us 'yau che hor" n we ends up going to sunway. Haha), i went meeting in campus.. n went yum cha after that. when i back to my bed it is already at 2am. Aiyaya.. i m so tired already.. but still sitting in front of the pc discuss for assignment! grr.. i wonder why the assignments has never come to an end!

gimme a break la


MMU Tourism Club Redang Trip~

hehehe.. happy neh.. jiawen in a very happy mood now!
few days ago i went to pulau redang with tourism club peoples.
it is a nice trip! I'm very enjoyed. lalala~ hahaha

I can't wait to share some pictures here..

there there..
the beautiful beach of redang.
it is so fake..

As we always like to play jump jump pose at the beach..
keep bouncing!

Yee kean's yoga pose is stunning
it makes me laughing non-stop!
nice one!

beautiful sun rise at the sea side..
although da sky is quite cloudy
but it is worth to sacrifice my sleeping time!

photo taken at more more cha place
i guess everyone was happy.. rite?
RAWR.. i had a great time in redang with you all!

Wonderful Memories ~*

Happy Birthday jiawen!

I am no longer a teenager anymore! sob.. time flysss~~

On 12/3 i went to a place called GASOLINE. It was my first time been there. The place is quite.. 'yam sam' i can say. It is a dark place with all the fabrics hanging around.. and those who wearing white color shirt was reflected in fluorescent! XD It did remind me of the skeletons i saw in a fun fare near my house last time! haha

But it was a memorable experience for me to celebrate my 20th birthday there!
But hor.. i noticed many people also celebrate their birthday there.. the birthday song has been sing again and again from our neighborhoods. (as they were singing to me! :P)

I'm really happy that day^^

Thanks for my friends who celebrated my birthday with me! YOU ALL ARE SO SWEET!


It is hardly to take a nice photo there..

Because a flash in the dark makes everyone look so sleepy! haha

especially jansen!

Ma birthday cake~


My favorite marble cheese!

And what makes me really excited...

..during my 20th birthday...




teng teng! My new car as my birthday present!

yeah ~

yeah yeah~

Say hi to my new Perodua Viva!

-BJV 8097-

the Beautiful-Jia-Ven!



I am crying again.. for the same video clip

I watched a video clip on youtube recently. The video clip talk about crayon shin chan in 13 years later. I watched for the third time.. and i cried every time. Haha.. damn vid! I like crayon shin-chan comic since i was a kid. I can read the comic over 100 times and won't get bored!
When a funny comic turn into a sad ending.. with sad background music.. it makes my tears fall non-stop! Sob sob.. hope you enjoy... (in chinese and japanese only)