"Unazukin is a small fairy .Usually she is under the big Mushroom in a woods. She really likes to listen to the story of her friends. So, sometimes everybody comes together and she is very busy.Because she is very good at listening to the story. She is just listening without saying anything, She is just looking at you, and nodding silently or shaking her head sometimes.

So,why don’t you talk to her?"

i bought this tiny fella yesterday!
i found it in a stall in sunway pyramind.

cute isn't it? haha
when you talk to her..
..she will nod and shake her head as respond to u de leh!

unazukin has a series of different versions.
this is strawberry fruit version.

There are many series of unazukin..

Fruits Version

Anniversary Version

Flower Version

World Version

Birthstone Version

damn damn.. they are so cute! >.<

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