mama so siok!

My mom just come back from Japan today... i was very jealous leh.. i wish to go Japan for a looooooooong time already! too bad i can't go with her because i got examssss last week! sob sob..

My mom was having her japanese steamboat with friends..
look nice wo.. ('Q')

sakura neh~
manyak cantik~~

my mom said,
she don't understand japanese at all..
from every sentences they say..
she only heard "kanasai"

doggies on the streets~
cute.. aren't they?

this one very cute!
very fluffy~

they are wearing clothes >.<
don't be so cute laa..!
i want to raise one!


immediately after my mom arrived at home, i rushed to her and start begging for souvenirs :P

"maa.. how was it?"
"maa.. did you took any photo?"
"maa.. did you bought something for me?"
"maa.. i want tidbits!"

"DIAM LA..."


"... all in the luggage.. i bought many things.. kaki take"


my mom is da best!

then i found out these...

yesh yesh!
TIDBITS from japan~
nyum nyum~

par fum
my souvenir^^

yeah yeah
have to save money from now on..
cause i want to go Japan!!!
i want i want

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nicholexh said...

jia wen..
thanks for ur tidbits..

jiawen said...

no problem leh xiang hue :)