Happy Wednesday

Usually, my Wednesday is a damn. It is in the middle of the week, and a day with full of classes(from 11am to 7pm). But a good thing about Wednesday is that student can get half price for movie ticket! haha.. but i got something better! GSC is now opening in Alamanda! They were offering FREE movie ticket for the beginning few days. Sue, Xiaoyun, Yanzi and I was very excited to go for the movie after class. But when we log on to GSC website.. 4 chins dropped on the floor. The offer was over~~ !! cheh~

So, we switch our plan to bowling. We went alamanda after dinner (that was about 10pm). The bowling rate is Rm5.40 from 5pm-10.30pm, and Rm4.50 from 10.30pm-1am. so we choose to wait for 30mins in order to save RM0.90 each person. Where did we go during that 30 mins?

We were having fun at the playground!


take picture everywhere~

kill time doing stupid faces

1 last picture before we leave (^o^)y

Poster oso 'ng fong guo'!

After that we went for our bowling session! Had fun, but quite embrassed hoho.. cause we were surrounded by pro bowlerss! then you can see 'X' sign (strike) on the end of their lanes.. while ours were '-' (ji dan) Hahah.. Nice!

then end my day with full of laugher..

Eeeek.. no no

afterward we still went yumcha at old town!

Sue ordered my favorite butter-kaya thick toast!

Xiao Yun & I
both in black..
similar specs..
don't think she is nice to bully with that innocent look!
she is actually a tiger covered with piggy skin! :P

she will bite you if you dun view my blog everyday!

2 ppl poked here:

xyun said...

jia wen "WAT" me!!!! i wont bite people!! and i'm really innocent...

nicholexh said...

yer.. yer.. go play oso no jio me!!

xyun.. u r innocent mer?? i dun think so lor.. i more agree wt jia wen ler.. haha^^