My vision is to be happy!

write blog luu~~ today i have a sad story and a happy story to tell!

sad story first..

me hor.. just finish my marketing mid term.. yeah.. get f*cked again! LOL
don't care la.. it is over liao. just enjoy the after-exam-mood for now.. But still many assignments and exams are waiting ahead.. (go away la T.T)
aiks.. ma life is so stressful !! i want to quit study~

eek eek.. fan shi you liang mian (everything has 2 sides)
we must always think on the good side.
so, think the other way round, i have already COMPLETED all my mid-terms and part of assignments, which is good, cause i have less to go now! XD

but still... my schedules... is fully arranged!

can't wait to koyak u all ^^

yeah.. i do enjoy tearing down my sticky notes immediately after they are done...
koyak koyak! semua kasi koyak!


the happy thing is...

got people say this leng lui look like me wo..

caption: call me jiawen! xD

she is a china celebrities.. and and.. i forgot her name - -"
(will update again when i get to remember her name!)

and this one...

Taylor Swift!
she can sing well, and nice songs she has!
her songs make me feel very relax de loh.

finally.. wish everyone is healthy and happy!
smile always~

5 ppl poked here:

Yin Fung said...

like u teach me last time. say wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =DDD

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

don worry about midterm la...haha...wah!!!ppl praising u leng lui le....hehe...

jiawen said...

thx thx!
weeeeeeeee... let's go play Wii =D

yalo.. dam dam happy!
but i adi biasa let ppl praise liao =P jkjk!

nicholexh said...

Dis week will be the most busy week for us!!
after friday, we can relax relax 1st..
Can go to Redang Appreciation.. hehe^^ sure nice 1 de lor..


jiawen said...

then saturday go shopping xD
shopping shopping!
who? who who? who wan to go sama saya? =D