Sleepy mode

I'm damn sleepy rite now ar.. but I have to keep on update my blog... or else i will lose viewers again! >.<

Here is the story of today!

It was 8 in the morning, i woke up and the 1st thing i did was to call enghoe, just because i missed him :) ( dun muntah.. apologize if u do!)

...then i die until 10am only i woke up again...

Have my breakfast at 10.30am.. after that i sit in front of the pc and start doing my assignment again.. do har do har.. only i saw the sticker notes in front of the mirror....


eeek.. eeekk!! i don't mean to skip class! I really don't mean to.. but somehow it was over d~~ so nevermind la.. what skipped is skipped..

Yessh! i ter-skipped class XD

But i have been a very good girl today.. i stayed in front the pc and doing my assignments for whole day!

... erm.. no la.. no whole day la .. few hours jek :P

then my brother ajak me to go McD.. and went Jusco after mcD.. to buy my mom a mother's day present. But eventually we get nothing.. cause we have no money.. T.T and also i have no idea what to buy for her..

i can't afford an OSIM.. or burberry handbag..

forgive me lah maaaa.. but i promise i sure buy you OSIM when i get to work! Just wait ya.. ngek ngek <(- -,)


This is something that my dad give to me yesterday! I don't know where he get this thing but it is quite interesting.. hehe.. it is actually a message fan.. where you can put your name and your name will flash when the fan is turning!

Saw my name? and also 'sun bian' promote my dad mia kedai :P
Teck Cheong Hardware Rocks!
nice eh?

Oh yah.. yesterday only i know my dad have an english name.. called Allan Yong XD

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nicholexh said...

the fan~~~
the fan wt ur name!!
i wan oso ler..
seems very cute~

Assignment day!
same as today..
assignment day again!!

Yin Fung said...

this creative sweet line>>> ....just because i missed him :) ( dun muntah.. apologize if u do!)

hey i didn't muntah. now u must apologize to me. hehe. =p jk.

jiawen said...

er.. u make me confuse liao lo...
means muntah or not muntah i oso hav to apologiz?