Being a prawn

Eeekk.. eeekkkk!!

aiks.. i didn't update my blog for a few days jek... viewer become lesser and lesser d T.T
come back.. come back...

ok lo.. now i come to add more post to my blog.. but since i don't have much pictures now, i have no idea about what to write.. hmm.. i think hor.. next time just upload pictures with caption in my blog is more than enough d, because..

(1) I like to take picture.
(2) People like to see picture rather than only words.
(3) Picture explain better about how you feel.
(4) Save time.
(5) My English poor ma! hey yer..

and i'm not even good in Manglish also.. haha
dont care la.. as long as people can understand.. :p

alrite alrite...

back to last friday..

It was a busy day!

My lovely group mate woke me up at 8am.. telling me that HE DID NOT ABLE TO COMPLETE his part of assignment while the deadline is at 12pm on the same day. (Halo SIR, you are kidding rite.. i really feel so lucky i got a group mate like you, i guess i will never have the chance to meet someone as kind as u again. Hopefully... )

Since he very kindly leave me some extra work to do at the very last minutes.. i was forced to rush the assignment until 'nah heh' (like prawn) and thanks god i was still able to make it to reach on the lecturer's hand. >.<" aiks.. 1 assignment already can see trough the real face of your friend. come on la.. at least be responsible to others! Don't know how to do won't you just tell earlier? I don't want to be a prawn again! Gek si ngo! >.<

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