New Hairstyle

i had my hair cut recently..

it costs me RM60++ to get my hair done.

but the result was not so satisfying..

because my friends said i look like a guy?

too expensive, not worth Rm60?

my mom scold me because she rather bring me to aunty's place to cut my hair :P

they say it has not much different than my previous hairstyle?

but i do think it got big different than before leh...

at least i won't make my hair look so 'bian' (nipis)...

summore, i like it very much! ^^

My new hairstyle :)

how was that?

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Jansen said...

awesome~~i wanted to get tat hairdo. where did u get tat hair done? /gg

WL said...



jiawen said...

geng leh..
go unplug ur pc cable then touch the metal thingy la XD

nicholexh said...

wow.. look cool~~

Kim said...

whahahaha!! nice one!

Yin Fung said...

They try to make me go cut my hair but i said NONONO

Yes I've been black but when I came back I got an afroo oo oo

WL: R u trying to sing Amy winehouse?

Carmen so cool! =)