MMU Tourism Club Redang Trip~

hehehe.. happy neh.. jiawen in a very happy mood now!
few days ago i went to pulau redang with tourism club peoples.
it is a nice trip! I'm very enjoyed. lalala~ hahaha

I can't wait to share some pictures here..

there there..
the beautiful beach of redang.
it is so fake..

As we always like to play jump jump pose at the beach..
keep bouncing!

Yee kean's yoga pose is stunning
it makes me laughing non-stop!
nice one!

beautiful sun rise at the sea side..
although da sky is quite cloudy
but it is worth to sacrifice my sleeping time!

photo taken at more more cha place
i guess everyone was happy.. rite?
RAWR.. i had a great time in redang with you all!

Wonderful Memories ~*

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