Finally.. the damn suffering week has passed!

a week with..

3 mid terms examsss.. (damn i was f***ed by the papers! ..sob sob..)

2 assignment due dates.. (more n more are coming to me! weeeee.. (-_-)\)

rushing n rushing like hell!
before this i don't study, everyday skipped class.. or just sitting at the back n keep talking craps with friends! haha.. after few months/weeks then i need to do last minutes study for exams! (yeah.. we only study for exams!) everyday slept for 3-4 hours only just to study! Stress stress.. ( dai seh de :p)

whatever la.. now at xiang hue punya house on9-ing.. n soon we will go to MID VAllEY! XD
long time no shopping liao... since CNY. hahaha! exciting exciting xD

************************8 hours later****************************************

Even more exhausted!

after coming back from sunway pyramid (yea, it is sunway pyramid. Xiang hue bring us 'yau che hor" n we ends up going to sunway. Haha), i went meeting in campus.. n went yum cha after that. when i back to my bed it is already at 2am. Aiyaya.. i m so tired already.. but still sitting in front of the pc discuss for assignment! grr.. i wonder why the assignments has never come to an end!

gimme a break la


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