Second hand item for sell

Today got mood to clean my room,
then i found many things that has been ignored by me for quite some times..
some i just used once or twice, coz it doesn't suit me
some even never use b4 = ="
pastic oso havnt tear out..

so i plan to sell them out at second hand price!
(pity me nearly pk adi T.T)

who interested to own the things below can message me personally!

SKIN FOOD Sea Vegetable Toner
(for oily & combination skin) 160ml

Sea weed extract control your skin balance, give moisture and control oil.
Leaves a velvety-soft natural finish. The results are immediate and lasting all day.

Original Price : RM 38.50

Jiawen's price : RM 28 (negotiable) - SOLD

ST.IVES Hydroxy Masque Peel off Mask
(For all skin types) 134g

Gentle Alpha Hydroxy removes impurities and gently exfoliates for smooth, visibly health skin

Original Price : RM 16.90

Jiawen's Price : RM10

Neucare T3 Blackhead Remover


Natural florabeads effectively remove blackheads and minimise the appearance of open pores,
Colloidal minerals help remove dead skin cells.

Original Price : RM 12.90

Jiawen's Price : RM 5 - SOLD

Opticare Multimate Multipurpose Solution
(for soft lenses) 240ml

with Pro Shield 3, Protein Remover

gentle to eyes multipurpose solution is a sterile, isotonic solution for
cleaning, rinsing, soaking, lubricating and removes protein deposits in all soft lenses.

Original Price : RM 9.70

Jiawen's price : RM 6 - SOLD

2 ppl poked here:

Yin Fung said...

give me everything for rm30 can?

if canot half the item?

p/s when is the contacts solution expiry?
*negotiable =)

im serious one

jiawen said...

but tzeing wan the toner adi wo.

the contact solution expiry on oct 2009.

erm, mask + T3 + solution RM20?