exam lor

pek cek ar! pek cek ar!

study until so pek cek!
too much to study and too little of time!
who ask me to study last minute!
buddha oso dun wan to lemme hug his leg liao!
help me T.T

nobody can help me...

yor! i so wish exam over fast fast!
i wan to go shopping liao
i wan to go singk with frens liao
i wan to go penang find eng hoe liao
i wan to teman Nike n Ayam gao gao liao
i wan to catch up 'xiu nin sei dai ming bou' liao
i wan to go saloon kemas my hair liao
i wan to clean my room liao
i wan to stay up until very late chatting oso dun wan to sleep liao
i wan to blog everyday until ntg to write liao..
i feel sian liao...
dun wan type liao...
wan study liao...

so looking forward upcoming sweet lovely holiday~~
come come faster come!


hey, ya hor i wan to type somemore thing still..
who got hamster wan to giv me? ( but im not sure Ayam is which species :P, syarian i guess)
or who wan to buy my second hand hamster cage ?(got picture in previous previous older post , purple colour 1)
coz i m gonna find a teman for Ayam (pity Ayam play alone)
so i m gonna change a big house for Ayam (wei i still duno it is a male or female!)

so who wan to raise hamster or u need a hamster cage then tell me!
i sell second hand 1 at Rm10 only
jansen ur mongolian gerbil need a cage onot?
crystal u still considering to raise hamster onot meh? they r so cute!
xiang hue u start to like small animal aren't u?
way chow ur hedgehog peanut n donut wan to stay in cage onot? ( more ventilate de wo :P)

ar .. still got a exercise ball for hamster for sale!
too small for Ayam d >.<

hmm.. if interested then msg me la!

wish everyone good luck in final examss!!

bo bi bo bi

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Crystal said...

jia wen ar...
ur cage sooooooo big~
i wanna raise the same species as ur ayam lar..
tak muat lar..