i;m back from penang

yes i just back from penang!

hmm.. actually did ntg much there except shopping eating n sleeping.. lol

mom say i bcom fatter liao.. shit

i need to DIET!>.<

now only i realize eng hoe de car got gps system!

provide map wan... lol

i went to TAO again~

i'm addicted to tao
i wan to go again lol
i love the foods there laaa~~
yum yum
crab meet with cheese.. yum yum!

yea.. the way yc (yee chun not yeong chiann) order food very yeng.. lol

waiter : 'may i take ur order sir?'
yc : " alrite... A01 to A07(he drag his finger from A01 to A07 in the menu).. ALL COME 3 Sets!"
waiter :" oo... (@.@") "
waiter :" is this ur 1st time been here sir? "
yc : " no not 1st time"
waiter : " ic.. u know our rules here rite? we charge extra RM10 for wasted food "
yc " i know.. nevermind come 3 sets"

n all foods served on the table kena sapu in 3 minutes..

they r just too nice >< satisfactory.... 97.6433 %

another way to show level of satisfaction.. lol

cool ar

me n eng hoe at tao~

yc n his gf carin

n another pair of couple i forgot to take picture...

6 of us duno kill how many thousand piece of food..


i must go again!

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