jiawen de Penang Ipoh penang trip Episode 3

Day 8

Saturday = holiday
can sleep till late late
wake up at 3pm oso nvm...

no la..
saturday not supposed to stay at home 1!!
must go out to play de lah!

morning hav nasi lemak as our breakfast at roadside mamak

we went to penang new world park
purposely go there to try fish spa :D
fish spa i come laaa...

da place called happy feet .. lol
make me wanna dance like happy feet!
(piak piak piak piak piak piak pak pak piak)

come on fishy fishy...
lai lai... come n 'jim' my foot
but.. i can't stop luffing bcoz it was too gerli!!
itchy itchy nya~

ma feet surrounded by little nibble fishes
wanna try it too?

eng hoe n me in happy feet!
i wan to go again hahahha

met eng hoe's friend in Queensbay
then sit down sembang sembang

i have friends in penang too..
how come i didnt meet any of them 1? aiks

then go shopping again in Queensbays until broke broke!
i have to control myself adi T.T
(next time shopping dun wan bring money liao)

shop gau gau liao then go eat dinner!

this is the restaurant where we had our dinner
tao japanese buffet restaurant at autocity, penang
(not tau cafeteria in MMU cyberjaya campus!)

i tell u !!!
the foods damn nice!

duno is bcoz i too hungry or wat leh~
really nice~

nice until~~

it only cost u RM45 ++ per person,
and then u can order anything u want from the menu with no limit~!
the menu oso gou gou li de dishes..

wait i show some pictures ...

erm.. i forgot the name la..
but it is kind of abalone slices with some sauce on it

grill eel

chicken cucuk

grill salmon

steam scallops with duno mayo or thousand island sauce

japanese fried tou fu

steam unagi


er.. this call wat?

lamb chop

crabmeat with cheese
this is my favorite!! :D

still got many many..
all yum yum!

environment oso nice~

i was satisfied n pleased!
nx time must go again~ MUST!

before leaving autocity..
we saw a gang of modified Myvi line under "penang bridge"
with light n music on..
haha.. so cool!

Myvi rules! but i drive viva :P

Day 9

Spend my Sunday under the hot sun!

It was a hot Sun day..

enjoy makan kfc at the batu ferringi beach

ppl riding horse at the beach..
some ride speed boat,
some ride banana boat,
some ride parashot

flying high in the sky~

two ppl ride oso can
( i wan to try, but i can't swim, scare!)

majam wallpaper.. lol

Day 10

Arrived at LCCT at 9am


End of holiday~

i wan more holiday!
More MORE~

hehe.. let's count down for next coming holiday on 13 October!

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