here come my update


i went to eng hoe's brother wedding last week
but i don't have much photos to show!
i don't know when only i can get those photo..
i didn't have much photo in my own cam oso..
i have no much time to shot any photo
cause i was holding a babysitter job during those days in ipoh!
i feel great..
because i like kids!
and kids like me too!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. kids like me!
they are so cuteeeeee

yin yin @ yan yan & me

i hug him, he hug me ^^

eng hoe's nephew,
a 3 years old little boy that never stop talking!

cute kidsss!

k la.. update next time when i get the photos..

so sad cause i dont have bride and groom's photo!


wish ES & CK..

'white hair till old'



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