FOMs prom 2009 - Reflection A Walk to Remember

This is my very first time been to a prom.

The prom was organized by FOMs and was held in Sunway Hotel.

Happy cause saw many similar faces, all gorgeously dressed up :D

The preparation : Make-up and Hair Dressing and Nail Polishing

Make-up artist mia tools.
Make-up Artist is my leng lui friend - Shi Yun
Thanks alot for the make up!

After that we sama sama went to Sunway Hotel..
The first thing we do is take picture.
The next thing we do still take picture :D

Peoples in the same table.
(sorry there is a little blur T.T)

The organizer have planned many program such as Runaway show by Malaysian Dream girl.
Performance by DoseTwo, Yuna.. and some singers that I've forgotten their names >.<
They really sing well n i enjoyed.

In surprisingly, we realized one of the performer look very much like KimFoong XD
(Slimmer version KimFoong)
I think YeeKean did took a picture of her but I dun have it!

The foods served was chinese cuisine, however, the foods taste good!

First Dishes

Second dishes

Third Dishes
Didnt take picture for 4th dishes onward adi..
bz taking photo everywhere :p

This is Saya

Xiang Hue n I

Me n Keroune who decided to go on same day 2pm.
You Rock!

Leng Leng Qreez n I

Me and Ah Gun the Boy Style

Pretty x100 Chiann n I

WayChow The gentle man who prepared flowers xD

With Tze Ing

Mao Mao / Bulu Jan / Xiao Zen


Dai Lou

Sue, Me, Hui Yee

Hui Yee, Pei Shi, XiangHue, me, Sue

Us, and YuenSun

Sweet Pegan

Wen Ying
She look so pretty >.<


Kokin - Friend since foundation!

Shi chong! Long time no see mia senior!



Jia Qi



Still got many photos taken with many peoples~
too many to upload T.T
for those want to copy photos from my camera, please pass me your pendrive k?

Patterning.. haha

thats all la.. :D

5 ppl poked here:

pinger7 said...

leng leng leng ^^

Kok Jin said...

you all didn't go MOS after that ??

Yin Fung said...


i like the last pic. look like in magazine poster!

jiawen said...

we went MOS.. for 10 mins i think. haha

the last pic.. xiang hue pose so nice!

Kok Jin said...

why went for 10mins only ??

cause too sien ??