The monster

Domo: "Ello!"

"I hope I did not scare you away!"

"I'm supa friendly ya' know!"

"They said I'm small but STRONG! RAWR!"

*"Domo is happy coz jiawen lemme to update her blog on on her behalf!
I'm gonna take this special opportunity to blog about myself, Ngek! "

Ah hem! First thing!

"me, Domo, is a monster that care about punctuality!"
"showing by that I am wearing a watch!"

"See.. I got a watch!"

"Yo Baby Yo!"

"me, Domo, love hip-hop style! Hey! Hey! Yo!"

"And also...."

"me, Domo, dream to be a part-time robber!"

"I got sharp teeeeeeeeeth!!!!!"


"I pretend to work in Mcdonald."


"Domo loves swimming"

"me, Domo, is a Michael Phelps-wanna beeeeeeeee!"

The end. Bye bye

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