Some random things to update on recent

Once in a while
I'll bring nike to outdoor
whenever I bring him to the outdoor
He will smile =)

He is really happy during every outing

This photo taken inside BJV 8097
the reason why we are taking photo inside the car
is due to the rainy day
it supposed to be a walk day in cyberpark!
nike was still happy
(he smiled in the picture)
Nike is enjoy as long as he can go play outside

I bought fabric from ikea
and I sent to the tailor
and transformed it into a bed cover for nike's bed
now it is no more feminine and cherry red bed for nike boy :P

I'm not sure whether he likes it or not
because when I first showed him the bed
he smelled it all over
and he mounted upon it
and began sexually harrassed the poor bed = ="
It's my fault, Sorry Ah Bed.


Did I just mentioned how I miss my long hair?
Due to a tragic happened 2 years ago:
A stubborn aunty cut my long curly hair to shoulder length without my permission T.T

During these years..
I've tried hard to keep my hair long again.

and I don;t know why
last month I stepped inside a random saloon
and I said "please cut it short"

After that, I regret.
I promised to myself that I will keep it long again.




I went into a saloon

and cut it even shorter


and I promised this will be the shortest ever!

2 ppl poked here:

bemusedyin said...

hey, buy nike a gilfrend lah. breed silky and then sell to me. i wan a dog. play wif hamster sien di.

Lay Hun Lee said...

i like you short hair, cute.