I want...

Let's rap :D

I want new contact lens. I want converse shoes. I want a boyfriend shirt. I want re-dye my hair. I want PSP. I want short khakis pants. I want pink floral dress for friend's wedding. I want leather wallet and beg. I want a pair of new spec. I want SK II. I want sunblock. I want formals.
I want new curtains. I want to eat Rakuzen. I want a pug. I want to try LASIK. I want to go Penang. I want car fragrance. I want Ray-Ban. I want to buy Xmas present for EH. I have too many things I want BUT WHAT I REALLY NEED IS MONEY!!!!!

I m so broke T.T

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Banco de Imágenes Gratuitas said...

hahahahahaha, You want many things.

In my case, I just want some love.

Merry Christmas

Regards from Canada.