Need Luck!

Very sui ar!

Recently very sui!

I'm very sui that my bag was gone, wallet and hp, n my beloved PSP also gone!
damn you the one who took my bag, curse u curse u!
sorry for friend who tumpang wallet in my bag, i should take care of them de.. T.T

My mom say nevermind now u learn a lesson.
I know la maa, but this lesson is very expensive >.<

However I m glad that I have friends that are always helpful.
My lovely family that always supportive,
My beloved boy friend that is always caring for me,
and my sor zai nike that dont know what happen also he come to comfort me.

aww I love u all.

Btw, internship gonna end soon.
I know I'm gonna miss the work life.

Argh, I dont wanna back to campus! Dont wanna T.T

Its going to be a busy holiday.. Busy traveling and shopping! XD

Good luck to everyone who sitting for exam!!!!!!
All the best to u!

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