On valentine's day

i pato for how many years adi..

wait lemme think..

at least got 3 to 4 years d..

but this year is my 1st time celebrated valentine day


tho i was not so in the mood

something happen to my family

therefore i feel vr sad

but thankfully eng hoe is with me :)

thanks for being such a good boyfriend.


by the way..

i went to genting on 14 feb

the place was covered by romantic atmosphere

many ppl wear leng leng..

girls holding flowers

guys holding girl's hand

but i forget to bring my camera

therefore no picture taken T.T

3 ppl poked here:

O-eH said...

dont sad lor! Must happy happy then spread your happiness to ppl around you de ma!

Yin Fung said...


wan to see u wear leng leng la.

jiawen said...

O-eh > no sad d la.. its over now

yin fung > i no wear leng leng la..
genting too cold i dun dare to wear dress.. haha

but i still get sicked :s