Super family reunion BBQ party

Last Saturday we have a BBQ party at my house.. to celebrate nothing. LOL.
no la.. since my cousins back from US, we've call up everyone in the family to gather together gather lo.. haha.. but it was fun!

manyak people in my house... at the same time my neighbour next door was also having birthday party. walau eh, can u imagine how noisy it could be? other neighbours sure pissed! LOL

alright.. dun wan say liao.. picture!

ciak! surprise!
from left : cousin, brother,bro's gf, bro, cousin, cousin.

my mom was having fun cucuking some dead meat.

kids have their special table

mom n eevonn

cousin playing violin infront of everyone.. he said he was so damn nervous! haha

afterward we transfer back to the room to play card games..

and video games..

and karaoke.. (my cousins pronounce as karioki)

this kid likes love letter too much..
so he tried to eat as much as he could

another one

LOL! so cute

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Anonymous said...

JiaWen...ur house ar?? so nice...i havent been to ur house time i wan to go visit can?? lol~ xtau malu weii!! hahahaha

jiawen said...

can can.. no prob