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suddenly feel like want to update my blog.. it has been neglected for quite some times.

Final semester result released, and I'm officially graduated! yay!
I need no to do assignment anymore! and i need no to face exam anymore!!!!!
however, 4 years of uni life ended just like that...
I still remembered the first day I enter MMU melaka for my foundation studies..
I still remembered how I met my friends.. orientation, PM09 & PM10, club activities, my ex-housemates in melaka, together we entered beta year, gamma, delta and now we will be graduate soon, and now we will be separate and might not have the chance to meet again? :(

I will miss my friends, my coursemates, tourism clubbers, all the time we spent together was so precious.. and the memories will always keep inside my heart. may our friendship last forever! and all the best to my all my friends!

hopefully I wont cry during my graduation ceremony :D

*remarks* 22nd April 2020 is a big day for us :))))

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Jansen said...

im bringing one lorry of tissue to the front of grandhall for u

awww...gonna miss u too..gonna miss those fun moments we had throughout the years...everyone's gonna busy with their own life...hope to see u soon...xD

Shadow TzeING said...

memory is wonderful..
keep ur memory long long..
don forget it.. :)