Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is around the corner! Have you decorated your lovely home? Hehe.. my family did it every year! i am so looking forward to the coming CNY! It is the big event for me, jiawen the Chinese xD This year my mother really make a lots of decoration to every corner in the house. Since carrefour is giving us so many "ang pau paper", we use it to deco our house with hanging it over the plants. My house now look much red-er!

My mom is going to prepare my favorite dishes for NianChuYi - spring roll (instead of vege, my mom put meat inside the spring roll, and it is so damn delicious!), "o nyee"(I don't know what it called in English, it looks like biji biji abacus, brown color, a Hakka traditional food). These foods are very seasonal, because they only appear during CNY :D For NianChuEr, there will be a dish called "shou mian" or "mian xian", you can choose either to dip with soup or just eat like that. Both ways of eating also very nice! Aiks.. beh tahan.. i can't wait until NianChuYi! Yeah yeah! It is just 2 days more!

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Holly at Firefly said...

Your home is lovely! Happy Rat Year!