Reunion Dinner

Here is the story of the reunion dinner that i had on 6th February 2008.

I had my reunion dinner in a small restaurant in Dengkil, which i went there for dinner very often. The foods are nice, good serving. i personally like the first dish that came on the table, which called "wu fu ling men'. it is so niceeeee >.<

Hmm.. i am getting hungry again. Well i did have a lots of fun during the dinner. I met with my cousin that had been studying oversea since few years ago. And also cousins that i have not see them for quite some times. Everybody has changed. The juniors are growing taller and the seniors are getting older. Most importantly everyone stay healthy! ^^

And the the reunion dinner came to a very exciting section - 'The AngPau Giving" :P Weee.. i guess all the juniors gone crazy! Cunning smile appeared on their faces when those 'angpau givers' come approached. I was keep shouting "gong xi fatt cai" to all my aunt and uncle, in order to get their attention cause i was sitting at the corner. Hehe.. and It works! i got many angpau eventually. Ngek ngek ngek..

I love CNY!

The joy of receiving angpau during CNY.

i got angpaussss! yeah yeah!

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