Saturday, Melaka day!

I had been to melaka last saturday, with kim foong, yin and yeong chiann!

Met layhun, pauline, and qin yee, the c-0206 old mates! :)

Arrived at melaka around 1pm, the 3 ladies shown up at EP gate.

Omg~ Long time no seeee!

very happy to see them~

it is been a long time we haven't see each other since i left mlc 1 years ago..

qin yee the mei nv..

still so pretty...

even prettier than before >.<

...we then move our ass to mahkota parade to have our lunch...

lay hun suggest to eat in sibaraku japanese buffet restaurant

grilled grilled grilled!



..takoyaki.. kacang..


eat until i canot fit anymore!

yeong chiann n i

we are damn full at tht time!

..after lunch at sibaraku..

we then went to the famous A'famosa

(i dun like famous amos..)

eek.. not berkaitan! :P


camwhore camwhore camwhore~

yeong chiann, kim, jiawen, qinyee, layhun, pauline

camwhore time! get into position!


..i like this photo..

qin yee is so pretty >.<

chubby wen

~ friendship neva ends ~

.. i was so hot!!..
(coz hit by the light)


the texture majam giraffe punya skin!



...da sky is getting dark..

its time to go home!!

miss u all alotsss!


hope to see you all soon in cybar jaya!!


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