tong sui street

yesterday i attended an event of cls - tong sui street.. although i'm not a member of cls..
but because of a friend asking me to go there because they have so called 'tong sui buffet'
with 16 types of tong sui varieties..

yeah.. i like tong sui alot..

and other 2 fellas who oso like tong sui i guess...

so hai bird, so hai jj, so hai wen (weird combination i know =.=")

3 of us...

kena tipu!

we reach mph around 7pm, they are only 5 tong sui stalls >.<

and and.. have to wait until 11pm only can eat >.<" (coz b4 that got many activities)

then we decided to escape to sk27b,

xiang fei treat big apple donut and milo... so nice de.. T.T thank you very much xiang fei!

after dinner then we back to mph at 11pm to grab tong sui...

things finish in 30 mins..

at the end i only got one bowl of red bean soup and half bowl of duno wat soup...

waychow got 1 bowl of red bean soup.. lol

jj got 2 bowl i guess...

hey yer!

beh song!

jj beh song!

way chow beh song!

we beh song!

because of this guy la.. (he ask me to not mention his name)

ok la.. i give hint... SH lo

still dun get me?


ok la.. he is innocent..

take photo oso have to find bright place..

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JIE傑 said...

I'm so hai kuasa dua... Nasi ikan bakar kena rm11, tong sui street kena rm7... errgh... i hate them...

Yin Fung said...

hahaha so highs!... =D

i help u cook green bean lah next time....