Belated Celebration

Because of the absent in my previous birthday celebrations
Eng Hoe promised to have another celebration with me in penang!
although it was a belateeeeeeeeeeeed celebration.
so here it goes..

we went to a italia restaurant called "Elmondo Pizza" if not mistaken
the environment is nice.
food is nice too.

Clam soup..
after drink will shut up like a clam. haha

a soup must have to be serve with garlic bread!

Fettucine Carbonara~~
this one nice...!

Elmondo pizza
waychow may hate this.. coz its full of vege!
its nice but the smell of green pepper make me sick!

this is a exciting process!! xD
ar cheese.. cheeseeeeee.....!!

moussy tiramisu

ying hao


and the watches we bought as valentine's gift!

thanks for be by my side all the time!

and i'm really touching for the handmade gifts and your super caring heart!

thank you har!

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