Gua mia 21st birthday celebrations

It was my birthday!!
my 21st Birthday!!
yeah yeah

Im 21 years old now!
means i can do many many thing that i canot do last time!
I can enter casino~
I can drink alcohol legally~
I can make my own decision~
I can just get marry without require parents to sign~
I have to be responsible for what i do~

huiyoo sound so mature
I m a big girl now!
I m not a girl, not yet a woman
so call me lady? :P

bla bla
let's talk about my birthday..
I celebrated 4 times for my birthday!
thanks to my beloved friends who love to plan :P

really had a lot of surprises this week..
even my mom and eng hoe 'kap mai' other friends to cheat me. hm!
ok la ok la I'm stupid and yet I'm surprise and indeed I'm very happy!!

and I know eng hoe still got other surprises waiting for me.
and there will still be another celebration with eng hoe when i go to penang later.
so just wait..
hmm hmm XD

The first celebrations was on Monday, 9th of March

It was a combined birthday celebration for Layger n me.
Had fun karaoke section with bunch of old good friends.

From left : josephine, chiet yen, me, lay ger, sin shen.

We were damn damn good friends during primary school!
but surprisingly this was the first outing of 5 of us together gether.
still lack of 1 person tho.
(Lau Yee Man where are you? It's been a long time we didnt see you!)
( Please contact us if u saw this post! haha)

our birthday cake

me n ger ger
oops i got misai xD

yea i know what u want to say..
"beauty and the beast" rite?

there you go.. beauty and the beast hahahahaha

faster skip to the next!

ma birthday eve!

FOMs girls (hahahhaha) and I went to The apartment in The Curve.
the deco of the place is very nice covered by super romantic atmosphere!
Basically we went there to camwhore only!

take 1

From left : sue, huiyee, me

From top : gun, me, xiaoyun, yanzi

From left : me, lemon

Yeong chiann n me

From left upper row : crystal, gun, xianghue,sue,huiping
From left bottom row : me, xiaoyun, yanzi

here comes the cake!
winnie is super cute!!!!!!!!!
how to eat~ so cute >.< winnie is sweating....

pose 1st before cut the cute cake..

must cut slow slow..

but end up with just eating with fork..
*the process of cutting the cake is too cruel to show*

this is how it looks after being killed kejamly by us

pity winnie
but it is delicious!!

yum yum~

Happy Birthday 21st!

Then on my 12/3/2009

I was cheated by my mom
she say at night want to celebrated their 25 years anniversary.
then she cooked nice foods,
and invited friends to come to our house.
and mom n dad said they have to take picture together coz its their special day.
and make me believe till geng geng.

but actually it is a evil plan!

my friends showed up in the half way of the party by carrying a cake and singing birthday songs.
i was so surprised and shocked
lightbulb is on
and i realized i was fooled. XD

but I'm really happy!

another birthday cake for nike's mummy!

mom's curry chicken


ar.. goreng goreng

another types of goreng goreng


nasi goreng

mihun goreng

picture with nike!
For those who blur: Nike is the name of my dog :)

Tze ing, Please stop animal abuse!

Group picture..

flowers from eng hoe on my birthday!

On 13/3/2009

I went to BSC chilis with tourism clubbers
also to celebrate my birthday.
It was the 1st time i been to bsc..
so nice, so high class, so expensive >.< yea its me

with the girlssss

these girls are very sensitive to the camera.
see flash light then pose immediately.

crystal bo song coz her meal late late still havnt arrive while others all eating already.

my birthday dessert cake!
vr vr nice..
very sweet but u wont get sick of it.

make a wish~
till now I made 9 wishes already!
hope every wishes come true!!!

I be the first to eat the yummy cake~!

another group picture~

ladies in the ladies :D

that's the end of my celebration!!
really thanks a lot.. super super thanks to all my friends who celebrated with my and wished me!
thanks for all the surprise plans !
thanks for the birthday gifts!
thanks for the meals!
thanks for every everything!
I really very appreciated what you all did.
and these memories will be keep inside my mind till the end of my life!
muaksss for u all~~

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