i greet everyone "Happy NEW YEAR"

went bintang walk v frens
this is my 1st time out to sumwhere during new year eve.. purposely for celebration!
believe it or not? =)

its real.
over the last 20 years i only stay at home watching tv show.
watch fireworks play in different country.

but this time,
fireworks was above my head!

but the fireworks not so nice la after i watch international fireworks competition that held in cyberjaya over last 2 years.
but still i like fireworks :D

i was standing on the second floor in the right front of pavillion main entrence,
observing peoples so i can train my skill to recognize people.
fren who know me well will understand coz i damn suck in recognize and memorize human's face =.="
and i found that..
bukit bintang has alot of malay lalas and cihams so dun go there next year!
the youngsters are really young
the malays gothic are really duno how to say
got aunty that wear leopard skin outfits with leopard boots
got a very old ah-mah who keep below waist long golden rebonded hair
the guys there mostly not handsome..
the handsome are mostly gays..

pretty girl? i saw 1 in the mirror :P

meet quite a lot fren in pavillion,
but.. fren's frens that i hang out with, were not ngam channel
i found that i hard to laugh after i listen to their jokes. :(
i still prefer to hang out with tourism clubbers hehehe

oh yeah..
1 thing that i must record down!
ah gun had her make up last nite!!
but i dint bring my "xiao-bai the digicam" so i canot provide picture here :(

nvm la.. i will upload again after i steal pic from Susu.. ngek

My mission in 2009!
1. Be happy
2. Be healthy
3. Be rich
4. Eat more vege
5. Be a good daughter
6. Be a good girlfriend
7. Be a good owner
8. Study hard..?

(shit lo.. exam coming soon
and i havn't touch any notes
god please bless me)

9. Pass exams

Happy New Year to all my friends, my family, eng hoe, nike and ayam! muak!

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