Its holiday!!
For every trimester break, there will be 89.8738% chance i will go to penang.
so here i am, in penang.
haha. but I'm sure that if i stay at home..
i will be more sian coz friend's are away from me.
no kaki to hang out with.
In penang the wonderful thing is that i can at least spend some times with eng hoeeee.
but bad thing is that i miss nike so so much >.<
so so much...
there are so much things i wish to update about my recent happening but
there is really very much and i don't have any pictures to provide coz i'm using eng hoe's pc.
1st thing to update is...
xiao yun, jansen and me went to PAWs to do some volunteers job last week!
it was very fun.
i never realized that i'm so happy dealing with dogs
although i smell like them after work. xD
and the funny thing is that we still went to sunway pyramid to have our lunch straight after we step out from PAWs, and we really smell like shit that time.
sorry for customer in sunway and Kim Gary, xiang hue and crystal :P
Dogs are so adorable, i will provide pictures next time!
2nd things to update...
Terminal LCC was on fire on the day jiawen depart to penang!
no la..
only the registration counter on fire not the whole building.
all the passengers, visitors, and peoples were blocked outside the building until they settle down.
while waiting beside the gate, i heard some funny conversation between a passenger and the security guard.
Security : " Please be calm, and wait for further announcement."
Passenger :" What is actually happened?"
Security :" Counter terbakar tadi"
Passenger :" Ooo.. Main mercun ke?"
Security : "... belum lagi tahun baru cina la!"
then my flight delay for 1 hour and i still reach penang safely.
i havnt really done any shopping yet but
i m already broke xD

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