nike @ cyberpark

nike like outing, just like me :P

i bring him out quite often,
yumcha @ old town
pom pom @ pet shop
groom groom @ grooming center
shopping @ NZX
lunch @ fullhouse
jaga kedai @ papa's store
walk walk @ cyberpark
meet up new friends..

haih i wish to bring him out more but i don't have the time.
and hard to find place that allow to bring pet along T.T

nvm la
update abit about nike 1st..

i brought nike to cyberpark last week!

jiang jiang~
me and nike and eng hoe's shadow in cyberpark

he is a very good runner
has unlimited energy and
you can never catch him if the leash is off
*eh eh focus on nike, not my tummy!

curious nike
look here look there
nike:"hm.. why everything seem so tall, eh, no way, i cannot be short!"

he loves sun set and lake breeze!

this is 老人与狗 :P

both of them enjoying sunset

just like them

carry high high!!

just like the monkey carry simba :P

next time i wan to bring nike to the beach~
yeah yeah

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O-eH said...

lion king liaooooooooooo... but im not the kinggggggggggggg... im the old and ugly monkey >.<