Final exam period

Final exam phenomena!

This is wat happen every time during final exam period....

hurricane passed by~
my room become.... =. ="

Pimple No.1

Pimple No.2

i grow misai d!

i hate exam! hate exam hate exam hate exaaaam!!!

dam.. dam!!!

this semester.. i did very badly in exams.. study on the very last minutes of almost all subjects.. T.T
not good....
now i dam worry about the result! haiz.. let me pass la! pleasesss >.<
i just want to pass... pass is more than enough liao ...

Maa... i dun wan study liao .. sob.. T.T

Grr... after exams must play gao gao!

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Yin Fung said...

You numbered you pimples.. =__=

Yea play kao-kao afta this. =)