Super duper holiday mood

yes yes yes!

holiday is realli goood~~

Shopping on high heels, sing k and buffet, kim gary and cheese baked rice, movie and popcorn, online and gunbound, jump and wii, travel and digicam, yumcha and friends! XD

i love holiday veli veli much de laaaaaaa!

today i open an old notes book of mine.. and i saw a sticker that i pasted on the cover page last time..

"Have you smiled today?"

then only i remembered... a simple thing that i always forget to remember - My vision is to be happy! yes i want to have a happy life.. life is just as simple as that..

and yesterday i went to somewhere nearby mid valley.. ( i duno that place call wat :P)
tot to support wai luen in his happy moment contest, but when we reach tht place.. i saw da staff was giving out some t-shirt, da place deco until leng leng.. and they serve nice food!

da 1st thing that appear in my mind was.. "eehh, i come here kacau kacau jek wo, have to paid mia???" cham lo.... =.="

...luckily no need.. :P

but tht place is really leng lo...

leng until we can't stop cam whore while they announcing da winners :P betul betul mei you li mao!

mei you li mao de rens

Free pillows grabbed from wai luen! ngek ngek

congratulation wai luen :)

*applause applause*

jogoya? :P

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WL said...

hehe thanks a lot to all of u for accompanying me!


jogoya is coming! haha!