Finally i completed the damn thing!





I completed the stupid assignment!!



first of all... i would like to thank my group members, for sending me their parts at the last minute.. you guys make the assignment completion process very 'chi gek' lo..

li hai...... next time i don't want to be a stupid group leader anymore - -

i remember someone told me before -" 聪明的人动口,笨的人动手"

admit lo.. i am really stupid!

i want to be the one who order other to do thing! not the one who do all the thing! grr.. geram!

aiks.. nevermind la.. its over! XD

so now just enjoy the after-assignment-mood! Muahahaahaha

oh yea...

i would like to thank Yin! ... for supporting my blog eventhough i no update.. haha
and also people who view my blog n click adv everyday la! thank you so much! *bow*
sob.. cry liao.. sob..

arr.. ar.. erm.. sei 4! no idea what to write - -

yea.. recently i always in a very lazy mood.. lazy to study, lazy to kemas room, lazy to wash my car, even lazy to eat! (i wonder i got slimmer onot xD)

but 1 thing i very busy about... YUMCHA! x)
i need to improve my social skill and expand my network ma! this is very essential for fom student to enhance working life later lo... (and this is the reason why my parents want me to study in Uni!)

summore i really value friendship.. :)

but sometimes i feel guilty oso.. cause i can't believe in some peoples i meet.. are really treating me as a real friend.. they come with some purpose de wo..

"the feeling of being 'use' by people is really bad.. but still i'm pretending that nothing happened, because i respect friendship.. and i hope that you respect me as well.."
-this is what i think few years ago.

but now.. ngek ngek! sorry lo.. things are different now.
i transformed to a stronger me.. it can be good or bad.. i don't know..
what i realized is that i cannot be bully by others again. :)

show a smile to everyone.. no matter he/she has done something bad to you.. however, they gave you a chance to learn and to stand stronger. so just appreciate everything in life. be thankful.

somehow hor, i still have some very true friends that always be by my side! thank you friends :)

Smile is the only and the best gift for everyone...

i have been practicing throughout these years..

(no wonder people say i look good when i smiled la!)



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