sorry my friend

it is 3.30 am in the morning...

i'm 40% sleepy already.. but i m still awake with all notes and textbooks in front of me..
yeah.. i supposed to be studying rite now.. but why m i sitting in front of the pc and typing all these? = =

nah... there are something in my mind.. not chapter 9 in financial management textbook..
but surprisingly.. what occurred in my mind.. is some one that i have not seen for quite some times..

i can't recall when was the last time i met him.. i think at least 5 or 6 years neva meet d..

we are primary school mate..

lets just named him

he always appear in his untidy uniform.. a broken school bag.. n in a pair of dirty shoes..
his seat at the upper right corner of the class..
no one in the class likes him... including me.

why? i don't know.. because of his sweaty look? just because peoples at my surrounding dislike him? because he always look dirty?

duno y pun...

everyday, he was bullied by others.. people wracked his table.. broke his pencil box.. wrote something bad about him on the wall.. being rude to him.. threw his bag into the dustbin.. disassembled his chair.. and nobody dare to touch his thing because they said his things got shit! (kids really silly!)

everyday he was being isolated.. i don't remember i've ever seen anyone walk beside him before.. he was always alone.. sitting diam diam in the class room.. didnt show any response when others bully him.. he is already get used to it i think - -

and then one day.. as usually.. when he came back from the break.. his bag was inside da dustbin.. all the things inside dropped out... then he walked toward da dustbin and start picking up his stuff...

this time, i made my very first move to help him to pick up the things.. and smiled at him.. just because of feeling sympathy..

at that moment.. i saw his face with watery eyes...

everyday since then.. he became very friendly to me..

but but...

da way he show his friendly.. to me it was scary...

he followed my when i walk...
he keep shouting my full name and smilling at me..
he even chase me in school.. (eh.. not refer to the term 'chase' translate from mandarin or canto, here it really means da movement, "To follow rapidly in order to catch or overtake")

scary laaaa....

and.. from then on.. i don't dare to help him, or treat him good anymore..
at most i did was only showed him a smile when he saw me..

after graduated.. we really seldom meet.. everyone was separate to different places and different environment..

but still.. when i think back, i feel very guilty and sorry for treated him badly..

i hope.. if i have a chance to meet him again.. i would like to apologize to him..

"i'm sorry.. for being a bad friend who gave you bad memories in da past time"

sorry har.. Mr. lu

if u have da chance to visit my blog and to see this post*
i m sincerely apologize to u..

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